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We've been delighted to start welcoming a small number of guests back to Wilbur Hot Springs since July 1, and now we're pleased to share that we're reopening for day guests, and have two offers for stays in August.

First up, day use is back! A limited number of guests will now be able to enjoy our spa and facilities during the daytime without staying overnight. So, if you’ve been feeling pulled to soak in Wilburs healing waters, or to hike and enjoy the quiet, serene 1500 acre nature preserve you can now do so! 

In order to continue to offer day use to our guest we have created a new set of safety guidelines:

~ 10 available day use spots per day
~ No access to the hotel besides to check in
~ No access to the kitchen, please bring your own cooler with ice
~ Designated restrooms for day use guests located in the pool area only

Finally, for the month of August we have two special offers for you on all bookings except camping and bunk rooms:

~ Make your weekend a 3 day weekend & get $100 off


~ Come mid-week for 4 days and get $150 off

We look forward to welcoming you soon! 

L I S T E N I N G 
We’ve been so grateful to be open and hosting guests since July 1! We’ve been closely monitoring state and local COVID guidelines and regulations, and have been making adaptations accordingly throughout the month. 

Our guests have been telling us they are grateful to see our protocols in place, and for the extra cleaning and sanitizing being done by the Wilbur team. It has been a joy for us team members to see our guests arrive and adapt their behaviors and to honor our “Wilbur Community Shared Agreement” (in response to COVID-19). 

Truly, it’s a community effort to keep one another safe, and to show kindness and respect for one another during challenging times. And we’re fortunate the place itself makes it easy for people to enjoy their getaways with greater peace of mind--in addition to soaking in geothermal mineral waters and lounging by the outdoor swimming pool, Wilbur has wide-open spaces for walking, hiking, biking, star-gazing, wild-life watching, and lots of other activities!

Guests have been giving us valuable feedback on other changes we’ve been making. For example, the temporary meal plan has been a hit, thanks to our awesome chefs! Guests love the variety of delicious food they get, the convenience of not having to cook, and having outdoor spaces in which to enjoy their meals. Still, guests miss having the community experience they get while cooking in the kitchen. Read on to find out how we will adapt to guests using the kitchen again starting in August. We’ll give it a go, make observations, listen to the feedback we get from guests, and make adjustments as we go along--just as we’ve done since reopening in July.

We also appreciate guests giving us feedback during a trial period for having children on the property. We heard your feedback that our communications were not great for giving you the heads up. We sincerely apologize for that. We’ve gotten mixed feedback, otherwise. We’re going to keep the conversation going on our end. We know we won’t be able to make everyone happy on the choice we make--we have guests who really want to have the opportunity to bring their family, like they were able to prior to the fire in 2013, and other guests who really want to maintain the adult (13+) vibe they’ve grown accustomed to since 2013. We have an amazing team here who come up with some pretty creative ideas and solutions. We’ll keep you posted on this decision!

We’re really proud of the Wilbur Team, and of all the guests who have ventured here during our first month of reopening. It’s rewarding to witness the fortitude, resilience, kindness, and respect people have shown. Even in challenging times, we find ways to say--what a wonderful world it is!
E A T I N G  A T  W I L B U R

We know how much our guests love our community kitchen, and how much we love to see our guests cooking up delicious meals while also sharing experiences with others who have found their way to Wilbur. Although we enjoyed the wonderful and delicious meals from our talented guest chefs in July, we are very excited to be opening up the kitchen in August for your use again. By working together we can ensure the kitchen stays open for guests to use for months to come. 

In August, we will follow these new shared agreements: 

~ Limit occupancy: 3 couples / 6 guests at a time
~ Masks will be required, and we ask that you sanitize as you cook
~ Keep it simple, with 30 mins in the kitchen per meal
~ Compost leftover food and place your dishes in the appropriate bin. We’ll do the washing to make sure they’re cleaned and sanitized 

We are very excited to have you back in the kitchen for August. 

Bon Appetit! 
F A R E W E L L ,  J U L I A!
Here at Wilbur we have the pleasure of coming across so many beautiful souls. From our guests to our staff we are forever grateful. We wish that we could enjoy and embrace the moments that we share together for longer, in this case with our wonderful evening attendant Julia who will be moving forward to her next chapter in life. There are no words to express our gratitude for Julia, our guest and staff can all agree. Julia truly embodied Wilbur’s vision for community, sanctuary for self, compassion and so much more. It is a better place because of her. It is never goodbye, only see you later. Enjoy an ‘experience’ of Julia’s that she painted with her words below. 

I often hear guests talk about having magical experiences at Wilbur, and I wonder if their experience is “magical” because of who they are or the state of mind they’re in, or if the magic is in the place. I like to think it’s a combination of both. I’ve had plenty of experiences here at Wilbur that I’d call magical, and one of my favorites took place in the Spring of 2017. 

Wild flowers were everywhere, and my timing couldn’t have been better for being here to bask in their beauty. As I was walking in the Nature Preserve, I noticed a ground squirrel--in what appeared to be a meditative stance--looking over hundreds of flowers and lush, green grasses. I stopped to watch with curiosity. 

Was the squirrel pausing to enjoy the beauty, soak up the sun, take a few deep breaths, notice the silence? It felt like the squirrel was teaching me to do the same. I sort of got it, but grew a bit impatient, snapped a photo to “capture” the moment, and decided to continue my wildflower hike.

Hours later I returned to the squirrel’s mound, thinking I’d really slow down this time, and put into practice what I thought the squirrel was trying to teach me earlier. When I got there I was shocked to see that all the lush grasses were mowed down, and only a few clumps of poppies were still standing. The maintenance team had come during the day to cut the grass to mitigate the risk of rattlesnakes hiding so close to the road where our guests walk. I paused longer this time, and wondered if the squirrel somehow knew, earlier in the day, when I saw it in its “meditative” stance, that the grass was going to be mowed and was soaking it all in one last time. 

I teared up, thinking of the profound lessons in this experience--that there’s no moment like the present, and that things change--sometimes more quickly, and more unexpectedly than we want or are ready for. Such is life, right? 

It appears the squirrel took it all in stride, though, busying itself looking for food, or possibly new shelter. I wondered if it was feeling good about taking time earlier in the day to soak in the moment.

I consider the squirrel and the poppies experience a “magical” one. What do you think? Wilbur--the place, the critters, and the people who live, work and visit here--is a pretty special place that enables us to slow down, pause, become aware (of ourselves and the surroundings), and soak it all in. And, it’s when we show up, and are able to do these things, that the magic can happen. 
G U E S T  R E V I E W
“Just wanted to tell you we really enjoyed our stay this week and appreciate all Wilbur has done to promote safety for guests and staff. We were worried about the new kids policy but it was not a problem at all! The designated pool time for kids is a good solution. All the food was delicious and staff was super friendly. Thank you!”  - M. Jul 2020
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