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A few things for you today, something for everyone, including a couple of trainers to keep an eye on this Autumn, a quick look at how my York stats did last week and a look at whether Artificial Intelligence can find winners...

Let's Twist Again? 

It’s fast approaching ‘Twister Time’ – that time of year where it can pay to keep a close eye on all runners trained by Nigel Twiston-Davies. (any runners in the remainder of August may be worth a look also) As you can see from the table that follows in the report below, his targeting of September and October appears to be deliberate and punting wise, it’s the best period to get stuck in. Well, it’s the one time of year you can have most confidence in his string I find, certainly with any systematic angles/methods. 

I will post any qualifiers in the 'Monthly Trainers' section of the daily posts which has had the summer off and will return on 1st September. They did well for us last Sept-March so fingers crossed they highlight many winners again and are profitable to back systematically. 

We have backed 'Twisters' Sept/Oct runners to decent success in the last few years on the blog so fingers crossed my three angles for this year do the job... whether the shortening of last season by 6 weeks has an impact on Sept/Oct we shall see... I wonder if there may be more horses out earlier than usual, more that are less exposed etc and whether the racing may be more competitive... that could have an impact on 'Twister' season but there's only one way to find out...

Twister will join my Emma Lavelle 'Autumn' angle which has been 0/4,2p in August. (+120 points BFSP since start 2015) Again i'll be posting any daily qualifiers in the 'Monthly Trainers' section, meaning that from 1st Sept there will be some jumps content to muse over! 

I've deliberately just kept to the flat over the summer as not to mentally burn out but i'll start refocusing my winter jumps eyes with the aim of the main jumps stats content coming on stream for Chepstow's first meeting in October. 

Anyway, for now... you can find my Emma Lavelle research/pointers HERE>>> 


I should mention York... not my punting, which was frustrating given the placed horses and a couple I omitted, but that's the game. Some of my staking was questionable and there's plenty for me to ponder re Royal Ascot/ Goodwood/ York. I won't complain at the profit haul so far this season but it's been an inconsistent period and as I type i'm on another -22 point down swing. Work to do. 

In any case my stats report did the job, this time.That isn't always the case but a few of the angles did the job and I know a few readers used them better than I did. Saturday was particular good with a brace of 16/1 winners... from those 'qualifiers' posted in the daily blogs from my York report which was sent out...

So, the trainers... surprisingly William Haggas let the team down somewhat..
  • Haggas: 0/13,4p, -13 (double the runners he'd usually have historically)
  • Dods: 1/2,1p, +7 (morn odds) +11 BFSP
  • Charlie A: 2/4,2p +1
  • T Easterby: 0/2, 0p, -2

The trainer/jockey combos did well, especially on Saturday...
  • 8 bets / 2 wins / 4p / +26 (morn odds) / +19 BFSP

HorseRaceBase...those stats qualifiers that were top 4 HRB ratings (H1/H2/H3/H4) were... 2/6, 3p, +20 points.

'Big Race Pointers'... they did 'so so'... 9 handicaps through the week either with some 'trends' pointers and/or 'trainer race record' pointers... the winner listed somewhere in 3 of them... Summer Moon/ Montatham / Fujaira Prince/


Using Artificial Intelligence To Find Winners?

My friends at Surewin have an interesting service on their books which I thought may be worth highlighting. (easy to do after they pulled in +55 points last Saturday mind) 

As I type around 50 of you are trialling the 'From The Stables' service and I hope it's going well. But, it's £1.99 for 28 days to test the water. A few of you joined the other stable info service 'Trainer Quotes', which has a different set of trainers. 

I wanted to highlight a tipping service with a difference - 'AI RACING'

Now, the biggest 'threat' to those of us who 'tip' is our form, and the human mind. 

Yes there's natural variance but sadly we are not machines. Not even computers can avoid losing runs of course, but it could be argued that if you trust in the approach, and if it's worked before, it should definitely work again. I don't think you can say that with us humans. 

Yesterday I mentioned Gary at Always Back Winners, who on the Flat/AW is the best 'human' tipping mind i've come across in the last couple of years - well, I also like the 6-7 bets per week and his overall approach, but that's me. Over 30 of you on my email list have been with him for 2/3 months now, which is always a decent sign.

However, could computers and AI Racing be the future of betting on horses?

Ai Racing have been proofing to the team at Surewin since May 2019 and the Total Profit currently stands at £7,826.50 (£25 per point)... +£1565.30 to more realistic £5 per point (always a decent entry point) (most of their tips appear to be 4 point win or 2 points EW)  

These guys could well be the future of horse racing tipping. With sophisticated self-learning models using the latest technology in artificial intelligence, AI Racing are able to stay two steps ahead of the bookmakers.

Or, maybe it's a sport that computers cannot crack? I suspect a few of the big syndicates out in Hong Kong would argue that it's all about computers. In any case, if you like the idea of removing the human element from tipping/betting (and I can see the attraction of that) you can take a trial for £1.99 for 28 days. 

I would just paper trade/keep a watching brief for a couple of weeks and see if it's for you. Like anything with betting on horses, they have losing runs. But in theory the confidence of ongoing repeat performance year after year should be higher than with the human mind- that's if they've got their computer models correct of course! It's a fascinating, intriguing development...


Right, that's enough on 'services' etc for a few weeks I think! I don't like to push too much on that front but Gary's service is superb, as are the collection from Surewin above, all with no risk/heavily discounted trials. And I see part of my role as sifting through the rubbish and trying to find you good services from trusted sources to trial  

From next week I will start spending some more time musing on how we can all improve our punting - well, more a window into how I currently think about things, what I think the 'foundations for success' are, and some ideas for how we can approach the game day to day. And i'll be interested to hear how you approach your punting and analysis. We can all learn from each other.

I doubt i'll email out over the weekend, you know where to find the daily posts if you're interested in any of the stats quals, my tips, or the readers' comments. 

Have a great weekend, 


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