Subject: 5 September Webinar: Protected Areas as ‘Natural Health Centres’

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5th September, 14:30 (Central Europe Summer Time)

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Parks & Protected Areas as ‘Natural Health Centres’

There is a range of good practice in Europe’s national parks and other Protected Areas in increasing physical activity, improving mental health and addressing health inequalities using green exercise and contact with nature through outdoor recreation, volunteering, learning, sport and active travel.

The EUROPARC Federation, thanks to the work of the Health and Protected Areas Commission, has produced a toolkit to help its members increase the role of National Parks and other Protected Areas as health-promoting assets. The toolkit Health & Well-being Benefits from Parks & Protected Areas includes the latest studies showcasing a positive correlation between outdoor activities and health improvements, and the most interesting projects implemented throughout Europe.

In this webinar, you will have a glimpse of the Toolkit and hear first-hand about 3 examples of the good practice in supporting health outcomes through connecting people with nature that is developing in National Parks and other Protected Areas across Europe and the USA.

The case study presenters will share with us 
how Park staff are working with health professionals
how to quantify and measure health benefits; 
and how to communicate and promote 
health initiatives in Protected Areas.

The Webinar will be moderated by Pete Rawcliffe from the Scottish Natural Heritage and Council member of EUROPARC Federation. Pete will introduce the EUROPARC Federation Toolkit and highlight how it can help National Parks and other Protected Areas realise their potential as “natural health centres”.

Case study 1

The Healthy Parks Healthy People Approach

By Bob Doyle, East Bay Regional Park District, USA

A case study from the East Bay Regional Park District, San Francisco Bay Area showing how park staff are working with health professionals to provide and promote Healthy Parks Healthy People programmes.

Case study 2

Health & Well-being in Finnish National Parks: benefits perceived by visitors

By Joel Erkkonen, Parks & Wildlife Finland

A case study from Finland looking at how Parks have developed their role in health promotion through a Healthy Parks Healthy People Programme, and are now collecting data on visitor activity and quantifying the health benefits that are generated.

Case study 3

Local experiences of promoting Health & Well-being in the network of Protected Areas of Barcelona province

By Carles Castell, Provincial Council of Barcelona

A case study from Barcelona looking at how they have developed a range of approaches to promoting health and well-being through strategic planning, site management, communications and outreach programmes.

The webinar will be held in English and last around 1:15 hours. All participants will be able to share their views and have their questions answered during the final discussion.

Waffnergasse 6, 93047, Regensburg, Germany
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