Subject: Updates on Virginia Bills!

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Updates on 2018 Virginia Bills
Dear Friend,

We thank you for reading and for taking action on previous action alerts! Please see bill updates below.

The herd share bills, House Bill 825 (HB 825and its companion Senate Bill 962 (SB 962), would have granted government regulators increased power in interfering with private herd share agreements of Virginia residents. SB 962 was defeated by a slim margin: 8-No 7-Yes, thanks in part to the packed house of opposition at the hearing on Thursday. HB 825 was pulled yesterday by Knight, the patron of the bill. Victories! Read more about these bills in our article here.

Unfortunately, the Aquaculture Bill, House Bill (HB 1387), did not pass: 5-No 3-Yes. The bill would have protected aquaculture in any zone that allows production agriculture.

The yogurt bills, House Bill (HB 516) and its companion Senate Bill 675 (SB 675), would have allowed Virginians to sell uninspected yogurt made in private homes. Afterall, there is no report of anyone becoming sick from improperly made or stored homemade yogurt. However, both were effectively tabled or defeated for this legislative session.

Remember to remain vigilant concerning these same types of bills next year, as they could be reintroduced. As always, we'll alert you of any action alerts we think you may like to know about.

Thank you again for your help with these bills.

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