Subject: 3 Hand Cream Recipes {for super dry skin} + Herbal Soap Benefits, Cold Sore Lip Balm, and More DIY Goodies

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Last week, I shared how I want to spend more time focusing on making things with a purpose, creating products with specific people and needs in mind. I asked for your input and ideas and got such a tremendous response - thank you! 

(If you haven't submitted your recipe idea yet, it's not too late. You can do that HERE.)
Reader Inspired Recipe of the Week

This week's recipe was suggested by Rosemary LN who loved the idea of the rose hand cream I was creating for my nurse friend, but was looking for one for a male nurse who didn't want a "pretty" scent or anything overly scented.

In response, I made this hand cream recipe that features an uplifting blend of grapefruit & sweet orange essential oils along with ingredients to help moisturize and protect dry skin. I love how soft it leaves my skin!  {continue reading...}
Nourishing Rose Hand Cream {2 Versions}

I also finished making my nurse friend her rose hand cream, and ended up creating two recipes in the process. 

The first recipe is a little bit lighter and sinks in quickly, while the second one is slightly richer. {continue reading to see both recipes...}
DIY Mad Scientists, Unite!

When I told them about my Mad Scientist theme for 2018, my husband & daughter created a fun t-shirt for me. I love it!

You can get your own in different shirt styles, colors and sizes. Just a heads up that the ladies tees run a bit small, but they're super soft and comfy.  
{Check them out here...}
Question of the Week - Herbal Properties in Soap

Do any of the benefits of herbs and essential oils remain in soap, or am I just wasting ingredients by putting them in?

This is a great question that I wondered about in the past too. I feel like there's a noticeable difference in the qualities of my soaps when they're filled with nourishing herbal-infused oils, and many experienced soapmakers feel the same way. No in-depth studies have been done on the topic though, that I'm aware of.

However, there are two resources that I point people to when they ask this question.

The first, is an "Ask the Experts" question & answer about saponification and herbal properties, posted on the Personal Care Truth Website. {You can read that HERE.}

In addition, there's a great interview between Robert Tisserand and Kevin Dunn, experts in essential oils and chemistry/soapmaking, respectively, about essential oils in soapmaking. {You can read that here, and be extra sure to read all of the comments too.}

I don't want to just copy and paste other people's words into my limited space, so I urge you to go visit the sites and make your own decision based on the information. After reading them, I'm convinced that some, though not all, of the benefits of herbs and essential oils remain in our soaps. 

Keep in mind that some herbal infusions and essential oils might be better used in lotions, creams, salves and such, rather than in a wash-off product such as soap, especially if they're environmentally sensitive plants, but plentiful and common herbs such as plantain, violet leaves, dandelions, calendula, etc are all great additions to your soaps!
Found Whilst Rummaging Through the Archives:
Super Healing
Cold Sore Lip Balm
This is a lip balm I created for my son when he was young and suffered from cold sores triggered by sunshine. Since he was also low in vitamin D, this created quite the dilemma! {Read more...}
How to Make Medicinal
Vinegars & Oxymels
Learn more about creating medicinal vinegars and oxymels (which are herbal-infused sweet and sour concoctions).
Drawing Salve
+ Printable Labels
This drawing salve is a year 'round staple in our home, but is especially helpful in the winter - we use it to help with those pesky splinters you can get when handling firewood. {Read More...}
Yellow Rose Lotion Bars

This week, I shared a recipe over at AromaCulture for these pretty little yellow lotion bars - perfect for rubbing over dry hands, feet, elbows and knees. (While you're there, definitely check out their magazine, it's gorgeous and full of helpful information.)

Looking ahead to next week:

I'll be sharing tips on packaging bath bombs and will have another reader inspired recipe to share, plus the usual DIY body care, soapmaking and herbal/flower goodies. 

Have a great weekend!

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