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Upcoming Events
Healing Trauma, PTSD, and Addiction with Somatic Therapy
Monday, July 2nd 6:30-7:30PM

Do you find yourself in an endless cycle of behavioral addiction? Have you tried most everything to make things better with only temporary change or relief only to return to the same challenges? Let us teach you about a proven technique that will help you release the grip of emotional and physical discomfort from THE ROOT CAUSE (IN THE BODY) so you can lead your life with a calm, confidence, resourcefulness and resilience. You will walk away with specific knowledge of how the body and nervous system store trauma. This talk is for physicians, dentists, trauma professionals and trauma victims alike.

For any questions about Somatic Experiencing, contact Nina at

Healthy Cooking Demonstration Party with Oak Street Health
Tuesday, July 10th 4:00-5:00PM

Let's get healthier this year by making small changes in the way we cook our meals. Let Oak Street Health demonstrate how to make your favorite foods by changing some of the ingredients to make a healthier version.

Join us at Georgetown Market.

Looking for other events? Join us at our on-site events and learn from health, nutrition, and botanical experts at Georgetown Market.
Your CBD Questions Answered! 

CBD is finally legal in Indiana and that is exciting news! But with the new legislation comes a lot of questions as well. With the amount of misinformation that has been circulating around, it's hard to feel confident that CBD is something you should try. Well we want to shed a little more light on the subject because we believe CBD has benefits most people could take advantage of! Check out this month's blog to learn of the many potential uses CBD has, as well as the numerous forms CBD comes in! We want our customers to know the potential benefits that cannabinoids offer them so they can make their own informed decisions! Read more!
From Rick’s Desk
Watch for the upcoming Healthy Living blog post from owner, Rick Montieth, in our mid-month enews! 
Employee Spotlight
Adriyan Murray is our July Employee Spotlight! She serves as one of the many faces you see as a Cashier at Georgetown Market. She has been working at Georgetown Market for a little over a year. One of her favorite parts of her jobs is being able to learn new things about her own health and body in addition to her joy of meeting new customers daily. As a working college student, she uses her education from work and is able to apply it to her future career as a nurse working in Trauma or Neonatal. She views her future job as a nurse and her current job at Georgetown as opportunities to treat customers like family while putting smiles on each of their faces before they head out.
Featured Product:
Bring balance to your stressful lifestyle with Vybes. Beverage offered in Strawberry, Lavender and many other flavors for just $7.99 at Georgetown Market!
What’s New:
Georgetown Market updates new products to nourish your body and soul! Check out these new options for your greater health and wellness!

Our Favorites:
Try this simple pesto pasta from sun-dried tomatoes and basil! Plus it can be made gluten and dairy free! It's sure to be a crowd pleaser this summer!
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