Subject: Support Utah Raw Milk - Tell Your Senator to Vote YES on SB 108

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Support Utah Raw Milk
Tell Your State Senator to Vote YES on SB 108
Dear Friend,

Senate Bill 108 (SB 108), which would expand raw milk access in Utah, is headed to the floor of the State Senate for a vote, possibly this week!

SB 108 would allow licensed dairies to sell and deliver raw milk from a mechanically refrigerated mobile unit. Currently, raw milk can be sold only on the farm. (There is an exception for a retail store if the raw milk farmer owns a majority interest in it, but only one dairy currently qualifies.) SB 108 would help consumers who want to buy raw milk from licensed farms without having to drive long distances every week. And being able to sell from a mobile unit would expand farmers’ abilities to market their products, helping both the existing licensed farms and encouraging other farms to become licensed to sell raw milk.

SB 108 would also allow the on-farm sale of up to 120 gallons per month by unlicensed producers directly to consumers. The bill includes basic food safety requirements, such as quickly chilling the milk and testing standards. The bill would require a label so that consumers would know that the dairy was not inspected so could make informed choices about whether they would want to buy it. This provision would allow micro-producers to get started in raw milk without the burdens of licensing, expanding consumers’ choices. The raw milk would have to be sold on the unlicensed producer’s property, which could draw consumers to their farms to buy other products.

Please pass this alert on and ask others to do the same.



Call or email your State Senator and ask him or her to vote YES on SB 108 (even if you did so last week; if you did, thank you!).

To find your Senator, enter your address at or go to the Senate Roster and click on your Senator’s name to get full contact information.

The key message is that you are a constituent, and you are urging your Senator to vote YES on SB 108. Very briefly explain why this bill is important to you; use some of the talking points below for ideas to get started.
  • SB 108 would increase access to raw milk for Utah consumers. Currently, consumers in most of the state have to drive to the farm every time they want to get milk, wasting time and gas. 
  • SB 108 would allow licensed dairy farmers to bring raw milk to consumers, rather than requiring the consumers to come to it. This would increase the safety of the product, since the licensed farmers would be using a refrigerated truck to transport it, rather than relying on consumers to find a way to keep the milk cold during transport. 
  • SB 108 would allow licensed raw milk farmers to expand their markets by using a mobile unit to reach more consumers. Limiting sales by licensed, regulated farmers to on-farm only is an unnecessary and punitive marketing restriction.
  • The provision for unlicensed sales includes reasonable safety and transparency provisions to protect consumers, while helping very tiny raw milk producers get started.

Read the bill here.
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