Subject: Must Read. It’s That Simple. Note These Jockeys Right Now >>>

Hello Friend

Another cracking freebie, this one is even more unique…. (find out who is best on front runners over jumps..)

Rarely do I bring out the ‘must read’ subject line but this is another of those times, and another of those reports that you really should read and absorb. 

Today I have a great free report from my good friend Ben Aitken

If you know it will be good already, (it is) then head HERE>>>

Ben and I go back a few years. I found his blog back in the day when I was a naive losing punter. His work has undoubtedly influenced my own approach, much like Gavin’s has, in different ways. 

We meet up every year at Pontefract to have a beer or three and back some front running winners.:) He kindly puts me up at his for the night, along with his greyhounds. (and his better half) 

Ben lives and breathes National Hunt racing, and looks at the game in a different way to many. 

He’s in my Top 3 ‘email lists you should definitely be on’. And i don't say that for the sake of it. If you like being on my list, you should be on his. 

You just get free quality info, that is useful, profitable, and will develop your own punting skills- which eventually leads to greater satisfaction and you winning more money. Job done. 

And with his latest report he has excelled himself.

Front Running Jockeys

Ben has burnt the midnight oil researching 5 jumps jockeys who are dynamite on front runners. 

You won’t find this information anywhere else. 

Any of you who read my free blogs will know I like to focus on front runners, or certainly mark up any horse who I think will get an easy lead. 

It's such an underrated area of the game and I would go as far to say that your own betting would improve just by focusing on such types. 

The lone front running chasers is still one of the best bets in the game.

Ben has found 5 jumps jockeys who excel on front runners. Perfect.  

This is must read information. 

Note who they are. Note when you think they may get an easy lead on a horse. And then make some profits. 

Seriously, you would be a fool not to read this one. You won’t find this analysis in the Racing Post, or At The Races, or Sporting Life.

Get stuck in. You won't regret it. 

All the best, 

p.s Seriously, do you want to find out about the much-loved jockey that has an exceptional 37% S/R and +£119.38 BFLSP when riding front-running chasers? I thought you did. You had better read this free report HERE>>> 

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