Subject: TRIOPTICS - TriAngle UltraSpec: High accuracy verified by metrological institutes

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July 14, 2020
TriAngle UltraSpec
Highest accuracy in angle measurement verified by metrological institutes
The TriAngle UltraSpec is the most accurate electronic autocollimator of the TriAngle series featuring a specified measurement accuracy of up to ± 0.05 arcsec. This is now verified by evaluation through three renowned international metrological institutes.

The results shown in the publication illustrate the high performance of the TriAngle UltraSpec. They exhibit a high resolution and accuracy, which are met routinely in serial production. The TRIOPTICS specifications for these instruments are conservative values, meaning that in general and in suitable environment, the user can expect even better results than specified. The accuracy measured by the international metrological institutes is 40 to 80% better than the specified values, depending on the measuring range.

TriAngle - Electronic autocollimators
The versatile multitalent for various angle measurement challenges
TriAngle electronic autocollimators are non-contact optical test tools for the high-precision measurement of angular displacements and the accurate angular alignment of optical or mechanical parts. TriAngle autocollimators are used for different applications such as alignment of plano optics in optical systems or referencing of plane surfaces to each other.

Typical applications are:
  • Tilt angle measurement
  • Alignment of optical components
  • Laser beam alignment
  • Wedge angle measurement in reflection
  • Wedge angle measurement in double pass
  • Wobble measurement
  • Vibration measurement
  • Prism & polygon measurement (45°/90°)
  • Measurement of slightly curved surfaces
  • Measurement of flatness / straightness / parallelism
  • Rotary table calibration
  • Angle calibration tasks
  • Corner cube inspections
  • etc.

Our sales engineer
Dennis Kiel
Our sales engineer Dennis Kiel has several years of experience in technical sales. At TRIOPTICS in Wedel he is responsible for the product groups TriAngle, OptiTest®, PrismMaster®, SpectroMaster®, OptiSpheric® and Spherometer.

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