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I know.

I have sold many deals in the multi-million dollar range followed on by years of consulting services.

This has meant that BI remained out of the reach of smaller companies...until now.

In this email I wanted to share with you a recent success story from my friend, Jim Kanzler at Meta5. 

The customer is a distributor of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) Parts.

Their revenues are between USD10-20M, so a modest company.

And the ERP is Infor FACTS which is specific for distributors.

Of course, smaller companies like this simply can not afford to hire consultants to build them a customer built BI Solutions.

The costs are too high, the returns are not high enough.

But with Meta5?

A BI Solution was built in just 8 weeks for a very modest amount because this was the first customer and they are a development partner. So they got the good deal!

The headline numbers are:

1. Tables in Infor FACTS: 650+
2. Fields in Infor FACTS: 14,000+
3. Tables in Staging Area: 650+ (FACTS Replicated)
4. Fields in Staging Area: 14,000+ (FACTS Replicated)
5. Fact Tables in DWH 1.0: 35.
6. Dimension Tables in DWH 1.0: 105. (Date Tables Replicated)
7. Data Fields Mapped FACTS to DWH: 2000+
8. Fact/Dimension Table Lookup Connections Created: 380+

I have been in BI for 29 years and I can tell you those are very impressive numbers for a 1.0 data warehouse built in 8 weeks with a suite of reports delivered on top as well.

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