Subject: UNESCO Bangkok News, June 2020

Education has to be at the center of the response to COVID-19 to fulfill the goal to “build back better” and achieve inclusive and more equitable societies. Read more
With school closures in Thailand extended until 1 July, except for international private schools, the Ministry of Education is launching new initiatives and building on previous work to enable learners to continue their studies effectively and efficiently. Read more
On the third day of the Lao New Year Festival in mid-April, the Buddha image of Phra Bang -- believed to be the guardian of Luang Prabang for generations -- is taken in a traditional procession to a shrine in the Xieng Thong Temple, where the devout bathe the image and wish for good health and happiness for their families. Read more
Global school closures in response to COVID-19 has exacerbated an already worrisome learning crisis – some 325 million children in many countries across East Asia and the Pacific have now missed more than two months of school. Read more
Throughout March, wildfires raged across Chiang Mai province in one of the worst natural disasters to hit northern Thailand in recent years, adding to an already noxious atmosphere in the region. Read more
Migrant families and students who face social and economic upheaval are among the most vulnerable populations during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more
Disinformation, misinformation, "fake news", hoaxes and inaccurate, distorted content -- whichever term you prefer -- is not a new phenomenon. Read more
Recently in Herat, Afghanistan a lecturer in a private higher education institution took to the street, declaring: “I am not a beggar. I am a lecturer from the private school. I don’t have a contract to receive my monthly salary; my salary depends on the daily teaching of classes, and now the schools are locked down and I am jobless. I have no provision to support my poor family.” Read more
Journalists are often among the first to arrive at the scene of challenging events, ranging from crime scenes and road accidents to natural disasters and instances of armed conflict. Read more
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Bangladesh, 27-year-old Chandra Tripura was paralyzed by feelings of fear and uncertainty. “For the first two weeks, I was kind of frustrated because I realized this will be tragic for us,” Chandra said. “If a country like China, which is developed, had to suffer for 3 months...Bangladesh, which is underdeveloped, could take 6 months.” Read more
Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan on COVID-19 strategy in Thailand. Watch video
Top tips on how to deal with and reduce anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Watch video (also available in Thai and Lao)
L A T E S T  P U B L I C A T I O N S
Thailand UNESCO Country Strategy 2020-2021

Lao PDR UNESCO Country Strategy 2020-2021

Building Peace in the Asia-Pacific, UNESCO Bangkok Activities: 2018–19

Approaches to Language in Education for Migrants and Refugees in the Asia-Pacific Region
Tools for Planning and Monitoring Programmes of Multilingual Education in Asia

The Bangkok Statement on Language and Inclusion
Shadow Education in Myanmar: Private Supplementary Tutoring and Its Policy Implications

GCED: Taking It Local in Asia-Pacific - A Regional Study on GCED Localization and Challenges
Understanding Shared Histories: A teaching package for South-East Asia

Countering Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Objects in South-East Asia: Capacity-Building Guide and Methodologies
Gender Equality Baseline Study of Memory of the World in Asia-Pacific

Sexuality Education in Digital Spaces in Asia: Insight Report
Framework for Reopening Schools (also available in Thai and Lao)

Mapping of Sexuality Education in Digital Spaces in Asia (Infographic)
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