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Founded in 1972 by Roy Eugene Davis

Welcome to the May edition of the Center for Spiritual Awareness email newsletter including inspiration from Roy Eugene Davis and news about CSA ministry activities.

An Enlivening Power is Nurturing the Universe and We Can Learn to Cooperate with It.
– Roy Eugene Davis

Roy Eugene Davis in the mid 1970's at a retreat in California.

A healthy, long life, lived with conscious intention, is of value because it will provide you with opportunities to accomplish all of your purposes in your present incarnation. Because of fewer deaths in infancy and early childhood, better health services, the more widely known value of nutrition and self-care procedures, and acceptance of the idea that the normal span of human life can and should be 120 years or more, the number of people who are living to advanced ages while remaining healthy and productive is rapidly increasing. It is estimated that more than seventy thousand people (as of 2013) in the United States were over 100 years of age, and that during the next few decades the centenarian population of the world will rapidly increase.

The basic mind-body constitution is determined by:
  • The soul’s karma (subconscious conditionings) and dominant state of awareness prior to conception.
  • The mind-body constitution of the parents.
  • The mental and emotional states of the mother.
  • Conditions in the mother’s environment prior to giving birth.
  • The planetary aspects which prevailed at the time of birth.
While learning and applying practical procedures for mind-body constitution balance, remember that spiritual awareness is the primary, determining factor. When spiritually awake, we are inclined to live constructively and do what is most beneficial. Then, when a challenge is presented, we will quickly act to restore order and balance to every aspect of our lives.

Deficiency of spiritual awareness can result in intellectual errors, mental confusion, irrational thinking, moodiness, emotionalism, and an unnatural, disorganized lifestyle. Any of the psychological states and behaviors which are common when awareness is clouded and the mind is conditioned by delusions, illusions, obsessions, memories of pain or failure, and habits which are life-suppressing rather than life-enhancing might be present. These can contribute to discomfort, weaken the body’s immune system, and unsettle the actions of the three doshas: the primary governing influences that determine the states of the mind-body constitution.
– Roy Eugene Davis
Seven Lessons in Conscious Living
Lesson Two
Reminders for
Challenging Times 
from Roy Eugene Davis.
Includes a 15 Minute 
Guided Meditation.
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April Online Retreats were well-attended by individuals from all across the United States, Italy, Germany, and Chile. Workshops offered by CSA ministers and the entire retreat experience received much positive feedback.
Join Our CSA Online Retreats

CSA ministry services have moved online through 2020.
When authorities inform us that it is again safe to travel and come together in groups without danger of infection or transmission we will resume programs at CSA Headquarters. Until that time we ask you to join us as we carry on through the CSA Ministry online, lending you support and consciousness. You can also invite your like-minded friends to join us. There is no charge, and no registration necessary. Visit the CSA web site often for new audio and video programs featuring Mr. Davis, ministry news, and schedule updates.
To join a session enter in your browser. You will be directed to download the “Zoom” program. This only needs to be done the first time you join a meeting. After that the link will automatically take you to the meeting. 
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Sunday Meditation 11 a.m. Eastern Time

May CSA Online Weekly Retreats 

Morning Program

Each week day begins at 10 a.m. Eastern time with a meditation lasting for 45 minutes to an hour led by CSA Senior Minister Ron Lindahn. After the meditation Ron will offer commentary on aspects of the Kriya Yoga approach to spiritual awakening based on the teachings of Roy Eugene Davis. He will also answer questions.

Each week day afternoon at 2 p.m. Eastern time there will be a silent half hour meditation. Following the meditation on Tuesdays and Wednesdays we will have a one hour workshop led by a CSA Minister. On Thursdays and Fridays a link to a video of Mr. Davis will be provided.

Afternoon Schedule 2 p.m. Eastern Time

Monday, May 4 - Meditation: Leode Franklin
Tuesday, May 5 - Workshop: Marty Wuttke
Wednesday, May 6 - Workshop: Ryan Strong
Thursday, May 7 - Meditation: Kathleen Rehling, and video
Friday, May 8 -  Meditation: Pascale Chambers, and video

Monday, May 11 - Meditation: Leode Franklin
Tuesday, May 12 - Workshop: Leode Franklin
Wednesday, May 13 -  Workshop: Michael Gadway
Thursday, May 14 - Meditation: Kathleen Rehling, and video
Friday, May 15 - Meditation: Pascale Chambers, and video 

Choose to be Happy

On March 17, 2019 Roy Eugene Davis made his final live telephone recording of the Guidelines to Inspired Living series he had been offering for many years. It was his practice to prepare several month’s of the weekly Guidelines in advance. This week he did not use the previously scripted offerings, instead he was inspired to deliver the following message: 

“Choose to be happy. Happiness is not dependent on external conditions. It is your innate state of being to freely express.  Affirm: I always choose to express my innate happiness.” And then he concluded with his normal closing statement, “Be optimistic, cheerful, confident, and receptive to all of the good fortune life can, and will, provide for you.”

I have come to see this brief statement as a profound synopsis of his teaching emphasis. 

He begins by emphasizing that we can choose to be happy, that happiness comes from within, and most importantly, that it is the result of our free expression. In order to express freely, to have integrity, and to live without limitation, we must be fully awake and no longer subject to physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual constraints. Here he recognizes the underlying motivation behind most decisions, the desire to be happy, and offers the only effective solution: to freely express.

Be Optimistic. When we are awake, experiencing life fully as it is, we are aware of evolutionary trends that continue to move toward increased well-being and awakened consciousness, improved communication, standard of living, and cooperation. Many people operating in ordinary states of consciousness react to short-term events and circumstances. With no anchor, or rudder, their lives are tossed about on restless seas of uncertainty. 

It can be difficult to see how evolution is moving when we are in the midst of great transformation. Old structures and systems must give way to the new. The giving way is often chaotic and can feel destructive. Out of the chaos of dissolution emerges new order, restructuring, with some improvement. In this way evolution continues to creep forward. Make it your discipline to avoid reacting to short-term challenges. Instead, practice looking for the signs of positive progress that are being made every day in so many ways. Choose to be optimistic.

Be Cheerful. As Mr. Davis reminds us in this guideline: we can choose to be happy, or not. We are not destined to be miserable, depressed, frustrated, anxious, and upset. Choosing to be happy improves our immune system and bodily function, ability to think clearly and focus attention, and ability to be receptive to the supportive grace that is always present for us. Pay close attention to your moods and feelings. Practice being cheerful until it becomes normal; a natural expression of who you are. 

Be Confident. Life is a great gift. We are born, and our body grows out of itself, directed by innate intelligence. We mature and develop through interactions with parents, teachers, friends, and the environment. All this is orchestrated through the same guiding intelligence. We are not separate from our environment, or society. We evolve in relation to them. If we are honest we must admit that influences beyond our control have somehow conspired to make us what we are and to bring us to where we are in life now. Of course there have been challenges and hardships along the way. Often these have resulted from our inability to perceive inner guidance, or, more often, to have avoided doing what we know we should do. 

By observing the myriad ways that you have been supported and nurtured throughout your life, see how you have been guided, and invited to what is ideal for you. Gain confidence, develop trust: faith that Life will continue to provide, and lead you to what is useful and fulfilling. Banish all fear, worry, and doubt. Begin each day “optimistic, cheerful, confident, and receptive to all the good fortune that life can, and will, provide for you.”  
–Ron Lindahn
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Sunday, May 3
Kriya Yoga Class
Live Webinar

On the first Sunday of each month CSA is offering a live broadcast at 2 p.m. Eastern time. 
These classes are based on Mr. Davis' book Seven Lessons in Conscious Living. At the end of the program Mr. Lindahn will answer questions from those viewing. After the event the program will be available to view on the CSA YouTube channel.

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