Subject: CM WebClient Newsletter April 2020

April 2020
Hand Me the Remote
Remote work is likely to grow if not become a permanent feature of modern work life now that the tools to get it done are mature and put to wide use all in one go.

Even though we are technologists and, well, actually make this stuff, keeping on track and in the loop with the mothership takes skill, practice, and careful attention.

Our best bet is to read up on best practices and look to improve as we go. InVision's remote design best practices is a great place to start.

- CM First Team
Mobile Security: Now, More Important Than Ever
We love the convenience of mobile phones, but the reality is that your device and the apps running on it are a big target for hackers.

A top issue is insecure authentication which goes along with insecure data storage. Communication issues include handshake issues, incorrect SSL versions, clear text communication of sensitive data and lack of cryptography when needed.

We offer some ideas of what you can do to secure your mobile apps.
CM WebClient Knowledgebase
Implementing CHART.CTRL In CM WebClient

WebClient supports displaying data in several basic charts based on the C3 and D3 JavaScript libraries. Chart.ctrl now allows you to display your data in pie, donut, line, bar, and spline chart formats.

Sending Mail with WebClient

With WebClient, sending email is simple and customizable.

Our latest tutorial provides an easy-to-follow example that you can use as the basis for your own project. Just modify the source code and function as needed.

Follow along with the full tutorial.

Create An Outlook-Style Events Calendar

Calendar views are a must-have for many web-based applications. Normally, coding them into your app becomes a real challenge when your users are on the go and have a need for mobile-based viewing.

Create Rich Tooltips and Popups

In many Plex applications, basic screens show only “need to know” information, with a link to more detail. With CM WebClient, create handy tooltips that provide a better user experience.

Knowing When Enough is Enough in Mobile Design

As programmers have learned since the beginning of coding, it can be difficult to feel your program is ‘done.’ There’s always more tweaking you can do, but are you really making it better?

Read More

Better Display of Static Content

Content sourced from a database table can be concise but confusing and less than helpful.

Improve the display of your data with custom html and provide a much better experience for your users.

Follow along with the full tutorial
WATCH: April CA Communities Webcast
Take a look the April 1st, 2020  CA 2E (SYNON) and CA Plex Community Webcast now streamable online.

Current information on Broadcom status and plans, and the upcoming October conference was discussed.

Watch the full community webcast.

CM WebClient Latest Version
The current version is CM WebClient 1.8.5, limited support for 1.8.3.

We upgrade CM WebClient customers to the newest versions each year. If you have any questions just send us a note to, or click the button below to contact an office or request a demo.

Other CM First Releases
CM evolveIT 10.6, last supported 10.1
CM Matchpoint ALM 6.5, last supported 5.5
CM M3 2018 Edition
CA Plex 7.2.1 , last supported 7.2.1 (as of January 31, 2019)
→ Details can be found here at Broadcom (login required)
CA 2E 8.7 , last supported 8.7 (as of January 31, 2019)
→ Details can be found here at Broadcom (login required)
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