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May 2020
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New SMART Online Meetings
Teen & Youth and en Español
SMART announces two new online meetings.  

Teen & Youth - Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m., Eastern.  For ages 14 - 18.  
Passwords will be provided in the restricted access forum. Facilitated by Hammer.

en Español - Sundays at 7:00 p.m., Eastern.  Facilitated by geeeee.
Family & Friends Guest Blog
Methods of Self-Care: Even Productive Worrying Can Help
Laura has emerged as a source of wisdom and strength in our group that meets near Boston. A spry 70-year-old, she now lives with both of her adopted millennial daughters, accepting that her home lacks the quiet and order she expected at this stage of her life. While trying to cope with her often chaotic household, she models self-care: from the pleasure she gets from her volunteer activities and the hikes she takes in the woods, to the thoughtful rituals she has added to her daily life.

The subject of self-care is a frequent topic at SMART Family & Friends meetings. When people are obsessed with worry and concern about a partner, a child, a friend or a sibling, everything from sleeping, eating or engaging in normal activities diminishes. Self-care is one of the hardest skills to master and maintain, especially when a loved one is in the throes of an addictive behavior. In promoting self-care, SMART facilitators often refer to the metaphor of reaching for your own oxygen mask before trying to help your loved one to put on their own. 

Continue reading Laura's methods for self-care as shared by Ellen Kolton, MPH, a SMART Recovery Family & Friends Facilitator.

                     The SMART Family & Friends Handbook
SMART Facilitator Spotlight
 Stefan Neff Spotlight Video
Stefan Neff, a meeting facilitator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, fell in love with SMART Recovery at his first meeting. He immediately thought, “Wow, this is fantastic!” His favorite aspect of SMART is the connection to science and the tools used, like A.B.C. and C.B.A. worksheets. Within a month, Stefan became a meeting facilitator and then a Family & Friends facilitator. It gives him “joy to watch people create change in their life.”

View the full video on our YouTube channel

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Volunteer Month Update
JP Schneider Volunteer Fund Exceeds Goal
THANK YOU!  To everyone who contributed to the JP Schneider Volunteer Fund, your generosity helped SMART surpass the $10,000 goal.  Volunteer Month ended with a bang at $19,000!  These funds train new volunteers to run SMART meetings  and will empower others to recover from addiction.  

"Real generosity toward the future 
lies in giving all to the present." ~ Albert Camus

SMART Recovery In The News
A Video Summary of SMART's Growing Media Presence 
SMART Recovery is grateful to provide help to those struggling with addiction. We’re pleased to offer a rapidly increasing number of online meetings and hope the news coverage that has been generated is able to reach more people who need those meetings.  

Stop. Be Present. Listen. Why Motivational Interviewing is an Important Tool in Recovery with Dr. Molly Magill
Molly Magill’s interest in psychology and social work started in high school and grew into her passion and, ultimately, her career. She earned her bachelor and master degrees from Boston University and a certificate in alcohol and substance abuse studies from the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Magill is an associate research professor in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences and the Director of Biostatistics at the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University. In 2019, Dr. Magill was awarded the Independent Scientist Award from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Her current research is focused on therapist or counselor training methods that are based on common factors of established behavioral interventions. The training method that is most exciting to Dr. Magill is motivational interviewing (MI). This technique recognizes there are multiple avenues to change and that the therapist’s job is to activate the natural process for clients. Dr. Magill believes the “gifts” that MI gave to addictions research and the clinical field are, love, appreciation, acceptance, and compassion for clients, and a way to operationalize and train people how to do it. The training culture had gotten away from providing on-the-spot feedback to therapists. Now, because of motivational interviewing, instant feedback is becoming popular again. According to Dr. Magill, MI forces you to stop, be present, listen, and believe that what the clients says matters and is of value. This is a good practice for people everywhere to follow.   
You can find this podcast interview on: 
25 in 25 Volunteer Spotlight
Jerianne Klein
Jerianne Klein tried “tough love” approaches to deal with her loved one’s substance abuse issues. Support groups and one-on-one sessions left her feeling directionless. Searching for a family-focused option that would instill hope, Jerianne discovered SMART Recovery. “I held onto every word,” she says.

SMART Recovery tools helped Jerianne and her family stay calm and rational through the “dark days and sleepless nights,” which included her loved one’s involvement with treatment court. 

Read on about how Jerianne uses her experiences to help others in recovery.  

Find the full list of 25 in 25 volunteers here
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