Subject: Product testing taken to the extreme 🚁

plus a READER POLL, the difference HD audio makes, and being unlocked
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In this newsletter we talk about:
  • Product testing taken to the extreme!
  • The difference HD Audio makes
  • What it means to be an unlocked product
  • READER POLL - will Ingenuity fly on Mars?

Product testing taken to the extreme!

Flightcell’s CEO, John Wyllie, an experienced helicopter pilot, recently put his own product to the ultimate test—with himself as the subject.

The difference HD audio makes
Over telecom networks nowadays you expect crystal clear audio. However, when flying the quality is often reminiscent of conversations you had on mobile phones in the 1990’s...

What it means to be an unlocked product
Here at Flightcell we often preach that we have an ‘unlocked product’ and it is often referred to as being ‘vendor agnostic’, but what does that mean? Simply put; it means you can use our DZMx product platform with any tracking service provider, and you can purchase airtime from any service provider. However, it is much more than that...

Ingenuity image
Will Ingenuity fly on Mars?
You may have seen already that NASA has sent a helicopter called Ingenuity to Mars. It is due to arrive on the red planet in February 2021 and will attempt to fly in the thin martian atmosphere (1% that of Earth). It weighs 4lbs (1.8kg) and its counter-rotating blades will spin at 2400RPM.

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