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Gift Of Gab (1934)
Starring Edmund Lowe and Ruth Etting

Beautiful print and will play in all DVD players.
In this musical, a radio-announcer is fired after giving a false interview. For consolation he begins to drink heavily. It is his girlfriend who helps him sober up when she provides him with a major scoop--a missing airplane. He enthusiastically sets out after it and eventually finds it. As a publicity stunt, he skydives to the downed plane while broadcasting live.
Director: Karl Freund
Writers: Rian James, Jerry Wald, Philip G Epstein, Lou Breslow

Stars: Edmund Lowe, Ruth Etting, Gloria Stuart, Phil Baker, Paul Lukas, Ethel Waters, Chester Morris, Binnie Barnes, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Alice White, Andy Devine, Gus Arnheim and His Orchestra, Henry Armetta, Wini Shaw, Helen Vinson, Leighton Noble, The Downey Sisters, Billy Barty, Dennis O'Keefe
Songs include:

Talking to Myself
Music by Con Conrad
Lyrics by Herb Magidson
Performed by Ruth Etting

Tomorrow, Who Cares?
Music by Murray Mencher
Lyrics by Charles Tobias
Performed by Ruth Etting

I Ain't Gonna Sin No More
Music by Con Conrad
Lyrics by Herb Magidson
Performed by Ethel Waters and the Beale Street Boys

Blue Sky Avenue
Music by Con Conrad
Lyrics by Herb Magidson
Performed by Gene Austin with Candy Candido and Otto Heimel

Don't Let This Waltz Mean Goodbye
Music by Albert von Tilzer
Lyrics by Jack Meskill

Somebody Looks Good
Music by Albert von Tilzer
Lyrics by George Whiting

Much sought for years by horror fans because Lugosi and Karloff's appearance, when the film finally came to light, a vast disappointment was in store because not only are the two not seen together, Lugosi is wasted with a role literally of about five seconds duration. Karloff doesn't fare much better.
Gloria Stuart's real-life husband, writer Arthur Sheekman, can be briefly glimpsed walking behind her in the hallway during Ruth Etting's number.
Originally the Three Stooges were signed to appear in the film, but they had just signed with Columbia Pictures for Woman Haters, the first of their short subjects, so three look-alike actors replaced them.
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Black Widow (1954)

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Broadway producer Peter Denver (Van Heflin) takes in young actress Nanny Ordway (Peggy Ann Garner) while his wife (Gene Tierney) is out of town. When Nancy is found murdered in his penthouse apartment, the two prime suspects are Peter and the neglected husband (Reginald Gardiner) of temperamental Broadway star Ginger Rogers, who had also been dallying with the dead girl. Detective Bruce (George Raft) figures out the true identity of the killer, but the audience may be well ahead of him. Despite its resplendant color photography, Black Widow is a "film noir" at heart.

Postman's Knock (1962)

Stars: Ronald Howard, Olga Edwardes, John Bentley

In this slapstick, frenetic tale, British comic Spike Milligan stars as Harold Petts, a rural mailman with a sudden promotion that ends up getting him into a lot of trouble. Harold is supposed to be trained behind the scenes at London's busiest post office but even after his first day in the city he is already in difficulties. He soon meets Jean (Barbara Shelley), a mediocre art student with big aspirations for her future. The duo eventually find themselves as top suspects in a mail-theft ring, with the police and the Post Office higher-ups close on their heels.
Blackbeard The Pirate (1952)

Stars: Robert Newton, Linda Darnell, William Bendix

Robert Newton exhibits absolutely no shame in his portrayal of the title character in Blackbeard the Pirate. If you thought that Newton's "Arr, matey"s got out of hand in Treasure Island, wait til you see this one. The plot concerns the efforts of the British admiralty to bring Blackbeard to justice. To that end, officer Keith Andes allows himself to be abducted by the pirate's minions. Also captured by Blackbeard is luscious Linda Darnell, the adopted daughter of Andes' superior Torin Thatcher. When it turns out that everyone is being double-crossed by the insidious Thatcher, all Technicolor hell breaks loose. William Bendix costars as Blackbeard's chief henchman, appearing to be a model of subtlety when compared to his costar. Future "Beverly Hillbilly" Irene Ryan has some nice moments as Linda Darnell's lady-in-waiting.

Blackhat (2015)

Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Wei Tang

Nick Hathaway, an extremely talented hacker who has gone astray, finds his way out of a 15 year prison sentence when parts of a computer code he once wrote during his youth appears in a malware that triggered a terrorist attack in a nuclear power plant in China. This opportunity will reunite him with an old friend but will also put him in the middle of a power game between the American and Chinese government as well as an arch villain hacker whose identity he has to find if he wants to keep his freedom and his life.
Blackmail (1939)

Stars: Edward G. Robinson, Ruth Hussey, Gene Lockhart

Through a miscarriage of justice, John Ingram (Edward G. Robinson) is convicted of a crime he did not commit and sentenced to a long stretch on a chain gang in the deep South. In time, Ingram flees to Oklahoma, where he makes a living fighting oil fires under an assumed name. Several years later, he has a successful business, a loving wife (Ruth Hussey), and a child. But he still lives in fear that his secret will be revealed, and one day he's visited by William Ramey (Gene Lockhart). Ramey admits that he committed the crime for which Ingram was convicted; he proposes that they meet with the authorities together, and Ramey will sign a confession that will clear Ingram's name. But Ramey instead double-crosses Ingram, putting him back on the chain gang while Ramey lays claim to his business. Before long, Ingram learns that his wife and child are nearly broke thanks to Ramey's gutting of his once-thriving business, and he decides that he must once again escape if he is to protect the safety of his family. Blackmail marked one of Edward G. Robinson's first "good guy" roles after making his name in a series of gangster epics; a year later, he would be starring in prestigious biopics, such as Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet and A Dispatch From Reuters. 

Blackmail Boys (2010)

Stars: Nathan Adloff, Taylor Reed, Joe Swanberg

Criminally-minded gay couple Sam and Aaron plot to blackmail a respected religious figure in this steamy neo-noir thriller.
James Garner

John Payne

Rock Hudson

Ricardo Montalban

George Abbott

Alfred Abel

Walter Abel

Marcel Achard

Jean Acker

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