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Gangway (1937)
Starring Jessie Matthews and Barry MacKay

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In this musical, a plucky London newspaper journalist boards a transatlantic ocean liner in hopes of interviewing a prominent Hollywood starlet. She is followed by a Scotland Yard inspector who is looking for the jewel thief he knows is on board. Unfortunately, the inspector doesn't know the actual identity of the thief and his prime suspect becomes the hapless reporter who also finds herself pursued by a determined gangster who has made the same assumption. Before the boat docks in New York, the reporter is kidnapped and forced to work for the gangster's boss. Fortunately, the inspector finally discovers the thief's true identity and brings her to justice. The plot is based on a Dwight Taylor story.
Director: Sonnie Hale
Writers: Lesser Samuels, Dwight Taylor

Stars: Jessie Matthews, Barry MacKay, Nat Pendleton, Alastair Sim, Olive Blakeney, Noel Madison, Patrick Ludlow, Liane Ordeyne, Graham Moffatt
Songs include:

When You Gotta Sing, You Gotta Sing
Written by Samuel Lerner, Al Goodhart and Al Hoffman
Sung by Jessie Matthews

Lord and Lady Whoozis
Written by Samuel Lerner, Al Goodhart and Al Hoffman
Sung by Jessie Matthews

Moon or No Moon
Written by Samuel Lerner, Al Goodhart and Al Hoffman
Sung by Jessie Matthews

Written by Samuel Lerner, Al Goodhart and Al Hoffman
Sung by Jessie Matthews

My, What a Different Night
Music by Harry Revel
Lyrics by Mack Gordon

Transatlantic Speed
Music by Louis Levy

My Little Garden of Dreams
Written by Harry M. Woods

There is less, and less elaborate, singing and dancing than in previous Jessie Matthews' films, but the slight story is amusingly developed, the dialogue is good, Jessie Matthews herself gives a very good light comedy performance and the film as a whole scores on its comedy, and on its burlesque of American gangsters rather than on its music. Nat Pendleton and Noel Maddison are good as the tough gangsters and Alistair Sim as a very secret detective walks away with the picture in the few short scenes in which he appears. Barry Mackay gives a pleasing light performance and keeps the romance in the right key.
Gangway is a great little movie which could be decribed as a cross between a crime, drama, romance, musical and comedy. It starts off with film critic turned reporter (Patricia) going under cover as a maid in a hotel to get a story, then it just so happens that a private dick (Bob) is after a jewelry thief called "Sparkles" who masquerades as a maid. Anyway he thinks that Patricia is Sparkles, falls in love with her regardless and follows her to America when she's kidnapped by a hood "Smiles" who also thinks she's the infamous Sparkles. All manner of events follow, and it all makes for quite an amusing picture. The Star, Jessie Mathews who plays the film critic/reporter Patricia is wonderful (She's very flexible and does some really good tap routines), with good supporting ensemble performances all around. Lots of fantastic song and dance numbers, some hilarious moments, (most notabley the tenderfoot dance) not to mention a good old-fashioned gang style shootout. A british flick with an american connnection.
Order this rarely-seen and hard-to-find classic today for the low price of $5.99.
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