Subject: Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!
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Whew! It's been a hot one! Luckily one of the few good weather days fell on Fremont Fest - one of the few Fests that wasn't unbearably hot! It was such a pleasure to not be worried and patrolling for dogs hurting their feet on hot pavement and just enjoying the fun Fest! Thank you so much to everyone that came out and especially to those that marched with us in the parade! Fun was had by all!

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Air Quality Health Tip for You and Your Pets!

Wildfire smoke isn't just bad for us, it's super bad for our smaller animal companions. Here's a great tip for improving the air quality in your home that costs less than $20: All you need to do is buy what’s called a MERV 13 or FPR 10 furnace filter and tape it to the back of a box fan. The air will be drawn through the filter and greatly improve the quality of your air inside your home.
Another tip: don't vacuum on days that have an Air Quality Alert - vacuuming stirs up particulates and you don't want to add to the number of particulates in your air on these bad days! (You didn't want to vacuum anyway.)
And of course, exercise your dogs in the early morning, and keep daytime walks and excursions short.
Dogs and Cats love cheese!!

One of the Best Treats We Have In The Whole Store is Buy One Get One this month!
No one’s really doing it better for dogs when it comes to raw foods and whole food supplements than Answers Brand - we are so proud to carry it. Many of you already use their cultured raw goat’s milk - arguably our favorite item in the store out of the approximately 5,000 items we carry, as it is so nutritious, delicious, and helpful for allergy symptoms and probiotic support with unparalleled digestibility.
Answers has made a fabulous goat’s milk cheese treat, found in our freezer. It’s not just yummy - each little square of cheese is packed with over 1 billion probiotics and is high in taurine! This cultured cheese is made with grass-fed, organically-raised raw goat’s milk. Use it to reward nail trims, baths, coming when called, or just as a little snack. 3 NEW flavors are in the freezer: Blueberry, Cherry, and Cranberry, as well as their 3 original super-nutritious flavors, Spirulina, Turmeric, and Ginger. If you haven’t tried these, your pet is really missing out! These cheeses even have a frequent buyer program - buy 10 get one! (We keep track)
Buy One Get One Through The End of August!
Colorado Hemp Honey
A Treat for You AND Your Dog!!

We are HUGE fans of CBDs for pets. Safe and effective for so many common ailments, especially for joint pain, anxiety, and seizures. The pet industry has gone mad with CBDs as well, which means that there will be a broad spectrum of quality in the many many products hitting store shelves. Don't worry - we really do our homework, so that you don't have to. It's important to us how the plants are grown, that extraction is done with C02 (not ethanol or butane), and that the company provides lab results showing testing for contaminates.
We've had our eyes on Colorado Hemp Honey for a while, and decided it's time to bring it in. Honey is generally very palatable for dogs and for people. Sometimes hemp products can taste a little "dank", which is hard for some picky dogs. C.H.H. blends pure, raw honey with full spectrum hemp extract and organic essential oils to create a natural, delicious tasting superfood, available in raw (plain) and 3 flavors: Tangerine Tranquility, Lemon Stress Less, and Ginger Soothe. Honey is an extremely effective carrier for CBDs as it coats the receptors in the mouth and throat increasing absorption before entering the gastrointestinal tract. Raw honey also has great benefits of its own, as the pollens in the unfiltered honey could help with seasonal allergy symptoms in many people and animals (we share many common species of trees and grasses as in Colorado), and propolis which has natural antimicrobial properties.
We're bringing in their individual honey sticks in all 4 flavors (such a nice treat for YOU when you're in the store, and such an inexpensive way to try out the product for palatability and effectiveness). You may be able to get away with a pretty small dose. We're also bringing in 6 oz jars of each flavor, and two tinctures with added propolis that are flavored with vegetarian bacon or salmon flavor, respectively. We love to snack on the sweet honey sticks, and we love to stir a spoonful of their lemon or ginger honey into hot tea. So soothing!
Take 15% off of any Colorado Hemp Honey Product when you mention the newsletter through the end of August!

Tailgate Dumpster!

This is a genius product. Let’s say you drive somewhere to go for a hike with your dogs. Like any good dog owner, you pick up the poops, but there’s no trash can out in the wilderness. You're then faced with putting that stinky poop in the car and riding with it all the way home, or hanging it from their back wiper blade (a little risky). This smart easy-to-clean silicone holder attaches to the back of your vehicle with super strong magnets and allows you to store your dog's waste on the exterior of your car.
Take 15% off of a Tailgate Dumpster by mentioning the newsletter before the end of August!
Churros cat toys!

We do miss Symon and his store Forever Pets on Broadway, but I’ll tell you - he’s really doing a great job with his other business, Goli Design. His cat toys are really wonderful, as they’re adorable and designed so well for cats to play with. Even better, the company strives to work with those living in impoverished developing countries to provide alternative forms of income to villages. This is achieved through providing projects to those communities in order to produce socially responsible and environmentally friendly products through Fair Trade.  The cat toys are hand crafted by women from developing countries. When Symon first met them, they were working as street vendors selling small items. Over the years of working with them, they have seen their financial situation gradually improve.  Now, not only are they able to stay at home to take care of young children or elderly family, they are also able to make enough to support themselves and their families. Some women have even begun to hire others to help make cat toys for Goli Design.
These Purro Churro cat toys are a blast! They’re a great size and shape for interactive play, they’re a perfect size to bite and kick, and they have little rattles in both ends that make it even more exciting. Otis loves these, and he's not a big toy guy!
Take 15% off of Purro Churro cat toys by mentioning it at the register through the end of August!
New Ruff Wear
“Restcycle” Bed! 

This bed is right up our alley!! The outside is made with a soft and durable recycled microsuede. The pillow topper is stuffed with recycled polyester fluff, and the baffled mattress is filled with tiny bits of recycled foam and rubber (recovered from backpack manufacturing)which allows your dog to nest. It’s easily redistributed by shaking the bed. The cover is removable, machine washable and quick drying, and the mattress itself can be washed in a commercial (laundromat) front loader. The bottom is waterproof and its texture helps the bed stay in place. It’s even easy to move around with its padded handle. We’re very excited about this neat bed! Check out its construction here
Take 15% of a Restcycle Bed by mentioning it at the register before the end of August!
Gold Paw Collars and Leashes!

You won’t believe the cool clasp these collars have! Easy open by pulling the tab, and as you move the ends close together, the super strong magnets grab each other and it snaps itself shut. Fun, safe and secure and easy to use. It’s also incredible for anyone with arthritis or carpal tunnel, for squirrely dogs that are hard to leash up, and for children that want to help take their pup for a walk. Made in Portland from 100% recycled Polyester tubular webbing, these beautiful collars tick all of our boxes! The leashes are adjustable from 3-5ft, and a clip and ring allows you to sling it over your shoulder when your dog is off leash, or to use to easily attach a poop bag dispenser.
Take 15% off of any Gold Paw Collar or Leash by mentioning the newsletter at the register by the end of August!
wNeighborhood News

- Heim Bakery is open at 7137 NE Fremont St! check it out

- Fun Times For All - Live Vintage Radio Theater show every month! Tesla City Stories, while not technically in our neighborhood, was conceived and developed by Green Dog web designer and friend Jerry Chrisman. Their shows used to be at the theater down the street at 24th and Fremont, but they have found a gorgeous new venue downtown for their super original and fun Radio Theater show! It's a monthly night of vintage 40's-style radio comedy and drama - live onstage! Laughs! Chills! Romance! Danger! Booze! Eats! Prizes! Cigarette Girls! With live Foley sound effect artists and audience participation! Great pricing for tickets too! Green Dog customers also get a special discount!! Use greendog1944 and get 15% off of any ticket!! Thanks Jerry!

- A little more info on NE Fremont's Denim and Gin Store
Old-school vintage radio theater, 1944 style!
 Safety Warning!! Beware of Foxtails!!

Foxtails are pervasive on the west coast in the summertime and are spreading. They are so very  dangerous because they can quickly make their way into your dog’s body through literally any orifice, including the nose, eyes, ears and mouth. They can also puncture the skin and travel through the body into major organs. Once inside your dog’s body, foxtails can create abscesses, damage tissue, and worse. Check out our latest blog post for important tips! Teaser: this article contains the line, "May you never have to spit into your dog's nose".  I never thought I would write a sentence like that one. Read About Foxtails here

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