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We are delighted to recommend the following books from the independent publishing sector.
Best Independent Books August 15
Faith for Times Like Now
by Paul Lawrence Vann

This book of inspiration for daily living is a three-week devotional that takes readers on a journey toward a more fulfilling and faith-filled relationship with God.

It asks questions such as how to find peace in a society that is increasingly global; one that often forces people to move at breakneck speeds. It also examines how to learn to rejoice in the face of adversity. Each day offers uplifting Scripture, a short devotional and questions for reflection to help readers apply biblical principles to their circumstances and start turning their challenges into opportunities for victorious living and increased faith.

Life in the 21st century is very challenging and tests the limits of humanity on a daily basis. Stressors in life have led to epidemics never imagined by earlier generations. This book, therefore, can serve as a lifeline. It. offers hope, and allows people to look in the mirror to find the answers they need to thrive in today’s world. Life without faith is very challenging. This book provides answers to the challenges many people are facing today.

Honors: seen on ABC and NBC

Category: Religion & Spirituality

ISBN: 978-0976467915

Saving the Guinea Hogs
by Cathy R. Payne

The guinea hog is a small, black, hairy, sturdy and gentle breed of hog common in the southeastern United States prior to the Civil War. It has long been part of America's cultural history. Guinea hogs were tailor-made to fit their part of the country, and to thrive in specific environments. They have dark skin and black hair that protect them from intense exposure to intense southern sunshine. They forage for food in pastures and woods and are more active than modern breeds. Today they thrive on small homestead farms.

This book gives an overview of the people — predominately in the American South — who raised guinea hogs in the period 1940 to 1995. The first-person narratives reveal the subjects’ deep fondness for an attachment to the amiable creatures. In the past, guinea hogs was utilized head to tail, providing meat, lard, grease and income to meet crucial family needs. By 1995, they were almost extinct. This is the story of their near demise and their recovery.

Utterly readable, well-organized, very comprehensive and informative... — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: seen on ABC and NBC

Category: Natural History

ISBN: 978-1733593205

Buried Rivers:
a spiritual journey into the Holocaust

by Ellen Korman Mains

To the chagrin of her parents — Polish Jews who survived the Holocaust — the author became a Buddhist at 19. That nearly tore her family apart. Decades later, on a German train, she felt the presence of unsettled spirits who had died in the Holocaust. Their question “How can you still believe in basic goodness?” inspired a chain of journeys to Poland to embrace one of life’s most elusive problems.

Part family history, part spiritual chronicle, the author retraces her mother’s steps to untangle the intimate legacy of the Holocaust and the work of transforming that legacy. Drawing on her uncle’s account of Auschwitz, and moving between the realms of traumatic inheritance and spiritual communication, the author crosses cultural and religious boundaries to impart the vulnerabilities and potential of being truly human in the face and aftermath of tragedy.

A moving and original contribution to an inexhaustible body of literature — Kirkus

Honors: Silver Medal, Memoir & Personal Journey, Nautilus Book Awards; Bronze Medal, Autobiography/Memoir, Independent Publisher Book Awards; Finalist, Spirituality, Next Generation Indie Book Awards; seen on ABC and NBC

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

ISBN: 978-1641840170

Homeschooling: You Can Do It!
by Kirsten McTernan

This book answers many burning questions about homeschooling while giving practical help in a new and easy-to-implement way. It is a reliable and relatable source with step-by-step guidance through the decision-making process. It shows how to homeschool children of any age successfully.

The book is filled with tried-and-tested homeschool hacks, easy-to-follow action steps, personal stories and valuable homeschool resources — all in a style that speaks straight to the heart.

The author explains why she decided to homeschool her children after thinking she’d never do it. She explains that it’s not necessary to be a supermom to homeschool. She provides simple strategies for selecting curriculum and for planning, and other practical skills.

A well-researched, Christ-centered, informative and helpful book — Goodreads

Honors: seen on ABC and NBC

Category: Health, Family & Lifestyle

ISBN: 978-1732428515

A Going Home Surprise
by Ann Marie Hannon

The author decided to write this book in order to help parents speak with their children about the benefits as well as the problems of owning a pet. It shows how owning a pet can be immensely rewarding and soothing, especially for a child whose sense of caring may result in feeling anxious.

A Going Home Surprise is about a little girl who finds a lost stray kitten, with amazing results. In this illustrated story, a mother shows other mothers how it took time, patience, love and understanding to allow her daughter to own a pet. 

A delightful way to teach young readers the importance of caring for a pet responsibly… this story flows nicely with clear, simple language — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: seen on ABC and NBC

Category: Children’s

ISBN: 978-1480877658

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
(Book One of the Fourpointe Chronicles series)

by Joshua Rutherford

From birth, Prince Jameson has been groomed to reign. On the heels of a victory against a barbarian force, he is welcomed home as a savior. His father toasts his impending marriage to the daughter of a key ally. Everything is in place for the young monarch-in-waiting.

Yet all is not what it seems in Arcporte Castle. In the shadows, barons speak of usurping their sovereign. Kings doubt their alliances on the eve of signing a treaty. And one royal is much more than the man he claims to be.

In the midst of this mystery and intrigue, a throne is challenged. Kin Saliswater, having ruled their island nation of Marland for over two centuries, find their dynasty in tatters. Only by marshaling every resource and every blood relative available will they stand a chance of defending their rule and securing a lasting legacy for the next generation to rise as king.

Honors: seen on ABC and NBC

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1947937468

Death on Paradise Island
(Book One of the Fiji Islands Mysteries series)

by B.M. Allsopp

An island paradise, a grisly murder. Can a detective put his rugby days behind him to tackle a killer case?

Joe Horseman holds out hope for a comeback. But after riding high in top-class rugby, returning to the Fiji detective force with a bum knee and a promotion-hungry new partner wasn’t what he had in mind. So he knows he'll have to up his game when guests at a beachside resort discover a young maid’s corpse snagged on the reef.

Sorting through the victim’s list of jealous admirers, Horseman is under pressure to solve the case before the high-end vacation spot takes a major hit to its reputation… and its bottom line. But just as he uncovers a lead on a sabotage suspect, another body rises to the surface. Can Horseman bring down the killer before the waters run red with more blood?

A superb debut novel… the author has an unerring touch with cultural backgrounds, geography and modes of interaction. — Sisters in Crime Australia

Honors: Shortlisted, Impress Prize for New Writers; seen on ABC and NBC

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-0994571946

Hotel Pennsylvania
(Book One of the DreamCatchers series)

by M.G. Pappas

This is the beginning for the DreamCatcher gang as they get together, go on adventures, and learn how to make their dreams come true.

An extraordinary weekend! Sarah, Aubrey and their friends are in their most exciting adventure yet!

They are visiting a 150-year-old hotel and get caught in the magic. What seems mysterious is not, and what looks fine might not be.

Honors: seen on ABC and NBC

Category: Young Adult

ISBN: 978-1732154605

The Prodigal's Wilderness
by Sue White

In this book, the author analyzes Chapter 15 of Luke’s Gospel, including the parables of the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and the Prodigal Son.

It addresses man’s search for meaning, life choices, life changes, leadership in turbulent times, Christ’s active pursuit of sinners, personal transformation and new creation, the heroic journey of self-discovery, personal growth and development, and self-actualization. It examines the prodigal son’s journey from betrayal to trust, reconciliation, acceptance and forgiveness. Other themes explored include suffering and the sovereignty of God and the benefits of the spiritual wilderness experience.

The author has written the book to help readers increase their faith and trust in God, experience spiritual growth, improve their critical thinking, and receive encouragement.

Honors: seen on ABC and NBC

Category: Religion & Spirituality

ISBN: 978-1792112515

Inspire Your Fire:
creative innovation through authorship

by Ocean Reeve

Many people have said that they would like to write a book. Maybe, however, they asked themselves who would want to read what they had to write, and then just left the idea alone. Distractions, excuses, confusion, uncertainty and negativity — these are all potential hurdles in that burning desire to write and offer something to the world of substance.

Inspire Your Fire doesn't just remove the hurdles. This book burns them to the ground. It is split into three distinct sections. Part 1 help deals with inspirational purpose, showing how to develop that creative idea, and establish a motivated model of success to achieve the end goal. Part 2 offers a practical and easy-to-understand process in planning and writing your manuscript and then provides information on the publishing process. Part 3 demonstrates how to set the right mindset, targets and platform to launch a book with confidence and maintain the momentum in book marketing.

Everyone has a story of value. Everyone has a story that matters. Everyone has a legacy.

Honors: seen on ABC and NBC

Category: Writing Skills

ISBN: 978-1925680546

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