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Founded in 1972 by Roy Eugene Davis

Welcome to the September edition of the Center for Spiritual Awareness email newsletter including inspiration from Roy Eugene Davis and news about CSA ministry activities.

An Enlivening Power is Nurturing the Universe and We Can Learn to Cooperate with It.
– Roy Eugene Davis

The 11 acre CSA International Headquarters property near Lake Rabun in Lakemont, Georgia.

We are on earth but a little while. The real reason for being here is very different from what most people imagine. There is a fundamental purpose for our lives. To know it, we must know life’s origin and where it is going, look beyond our short-term goals to what we ultimately want to accomplish, and consider life’s highest potential for development.  
– Paramahansa Yogananda

For most people, life is experienced as a series of semiconscious dream episodes. Their feelings, desires, urges, thoughts, sensations, memories, and perceptions of events and circumstances are mixed together and constantly changing. Awareness is blurred and fragmented. Confused, they strive to fulfill their hopes and dreams, satisfy cravings, and experience interludes of enjoyment, satisfaction and disappointment. They become tired, old or disabled, and die with feelings of sadness and regret without ever having experienced real happiness. They are normal, conformed to the ordinary human condition. They do not always consciously intend to waste their lives. They do so because they do not know better, cannot do better, or have not wanted to expand their awareness beyond the boundaries of habitual modes of thinking.


Think about it. Be curious. Use your common sense. Seek sources of valid (well-grounded, reliable) knowledge. Apply yourself to learning. Inquire into the depths of your being where all knowledge resides. Investigate until you discover the answer.

– Roy Eugene Davis, 
Seven Lessons in Conscious Living
Lesson One
Website Updates
The CSA website has been updated with photos and details of CSA ministers and meditation teachers and their activities. Thanks to Pascale Chambers for assisting in this update. In the listings for CSA Representatives and International CSA Representatives you will now find details about current and future classes, seminars, and retreats. 
August Private Retreats  
The August morning programs were led by Senior Minister Ron Lindahn and CSA Board President Clifford Rosen.
CSA Ministers Katherine Geddes-Lovkay, and Stefan & Helga Greiler
(from Germany) offered afternoon workshops. Kathleen Rehling led QiGong sessions in the afternoon.
Winter Webinars
Beginning in November we will be offering a one hour online webinar on the first Sunday of each month through March 2020. This will be available to everyone free of charge. Watch for details in the October email newsletter.
New Generator
The new power generator, propane tank, and deep water well pump installation has been completed and tested. This is to insure that the CSA facilities will not be out of water when there are occasional power outages caused by storms and falling trees.
Teacher Training Class
During the August retreats we continued to offer Mr. Davis' Teacher Training program. Participants included current CSA ministers and representatives along with some who aspire to start a meditation or study group. 
Your generous donations make possible our continuing ministry outreach, retreats, seminars, and maintenance of the grounds and accommodations at the CSA International Headquarters in Lakemont, Georgia.
CSA staff and personally trained ministers continue with Roy Eugene Davis' mission to bring a clear, direct, message of how to live easily and effectively in order to fully awaken to Self- and God-Realization while enjoying a prosperous, fulfilling, meaningful life.
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