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Delightfully Dangerous (1945)
Starring Ralph Bellamy and Constance Moore

Beautiful print and will play in all DVD players.
In her second starring film, teenaged singing sensation Jane Powell plays Cheryl Williams, a 15-year-old music student who is led to believe that her older sister Josephine (Constance Moore) is a big Broadway star. In truth, Josephine is a stripper in a tawdry burleycue house, but fortunately Cheryl (apparently) never reads any out-of-town newspapers and thus is in a state of blissful ignorance. The fun begins when Cheryl arrives in New York, figures out the truth, and tries to marry Josephine off to big-time Broadway producer Arthur Hale (Ralph Bellamy). As a result, both Josephine and Cheryl are starring in Hale's latest production. Yes, it's a Deanna Durbin picture without Deanna, right down to newly arranged versions of old operetta favorites.
Director: Arthur Lubin
Writers: Frank Tashlin, Edward Verdier, Irving Phillips, Arthur Phillips, Walter DeLeon

Stars: Ralph Bellamy, Constance Moore, Jane Powell, Louise Beavers, Morton Gould, Arthur Treacher, Ruth Tobey
Songs include:

I'm Only Teasin'
Music by Morton Gould
Lyrics by Edward Heyman

Sung by Constance Moore
Once Upon A Song
Music by Morton Gould
Lyrics by Edward Heyman
Sung by Jane Powell, danced by chorus

Adirondack Mama
Performed by chorus at the burlesque house

Through Your Eyes ... To Your Heart
Music by Morton Gould
Lyrics by Edward Heyman
Sung by Jane Powell

In A Shower Of Stars
Music by Morton Gould
Lyrics by Edward Heyman
Sung by Jane Powell, played by Morton Gould's Orchestra led by Morton Gould

Mr. Strauss Goes To Town
medley of waltzes written by Johann Strauss
New lyrics by Edward Heyman

Jane Powell—in her second film on loan out to United Artists from MGM—and orchestra leader Morton Gould are showcased. It was Frank Tashlin's first writing credit on a live action feature film.
Jane Powell wrote in her memoirs that Ralph Bellamy "said time and time again, 'That was the worst movie I ever made.' And I'm inclined to agree... I didn't know it wasn't a good film. I had a good time making it." Powell says Morton Gould was "miserable" during filming because he had never made a movie before and was very self conscious.
Producer Charles Rogers had originally cast Brian Aherne and Susan Hayward as the film's romantic leads. When Hayward refused the loan-out role, she was suspended by her home studio, Paramount, and replaced by Constance Moore.
When actress Hattie McDaniel became pregnant she was replaced in the role of "Hannah" by Louise Beavers.
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James Garner

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Rock Hudson

George O'Brien

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Ricardo Montalban

Richard Chamberlain

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John Abbott

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