Subject: How To Map Between 6K and 8K Fields Per Work Month - Demonstration

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Hello! It's Peter here again.

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In late February I sent you a link to a video explaing that the ETL Software I have developed over the last 20+ years, SeETL, has been made available for free.

This is the ETL software that enabled my customers and I to build Data Warehouses and ETL systems between 50% and 80% faster than alternatives such as DataStage, Informatica and the ever popular "stored procedures".

If you missed that email then I would suggest you click this link and watch the video.

You will be able to get the full downloads of SeETL from video page.

This product, over the last 20+ years, was the "secret sauce" I used to be able to under bid my competitors on the building of large and complex data warehouses.

>>> Explaining SeETL Free Downloads! <<<

Today I would like to share two videos with you.

The first video is a short (5 minute) explanation of what is in the second video.

For those of you interested in the details?

The second video is a detailed demonstration of how we are now able to map something in the region of 6,000-8,000 fields per work month using SeETL.

Of course, such a claim comes with many caveats.

Even so, we have been able to significantly improve our own best efforts to day with a new "pre-mapping" technique that we invented a little while ago.

But don't take my word for it!!

You can watch the videos and then download the full demonstrations and do this exercise for yourself.

Everything you need to test for yourself the productivity of SeETL is in our dropbox available to you  today.

Here are the two links you will want to click on:

>>> Map 6-8K Fields Per Month - Summary <<<
>>> Map 6-8K Fields Per Month - Details <<<

Please note.

I have been informed by a number of friends that my emails were going in to their spam folders. So I have changed the email address I use to send out emails.

Just in case you were wondering. ok?

Lastly, thank you for being on my mailing list!

I really appreciate you!

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