Subject: Thoughts on Minimizing Fear and Enhancing Gratitude at Wilbur Hot Springs: May 2019

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C A R E T A K E R ' S  L E T T E R
Dear Friends of Wilbur:

One of the largest obstacles to healing and health is fear. Sadly, our culture generates fear, and so we live with and are surrounded by fear. The most widespread of these are fear of loss. We fear losing loved ones, losing health, and losing money.

It is our challenge to minimize our fears; and, when possible, even eliminate them.

We can minimize the fear of losing loved ones by accepting that passing on is nothing more than an integral part of our life cycle. We do not know what happens after our material body ceases to function. It is comforting to think that our spirit continues, but we are not certain. Many of us have eliminated this fear by living in full acceptance that those of us fortunate enough to be alive receive this good fortune for a finite period of time.

We can minimize the fear of losing our health by living as healthy as possible. This is a big job and it is our job. Material conveyance structures, be they our bodies, or the body of a mechanical device such as a car, they require maintenance. Fail to maintain your health and you risk being parted out before you pass on. Maintain your Self at a high level and you increase your chances of living, and passing, in good health.

Fear of losing money or losing a livelihood, is a fear we have created ourselves by the culture we live in. In Denmark the citizens have decided to take care of themselves from cradle to grave. They have no fear of losing their homes, the heat in their homes, or being without food for themselves and their children. Until we change our cultural orientation to citizen care we must deal with the money issue. The imperative in relating to money is to always spend less than you earn, regardless of how little or how much you actually earn. We must learn to buy less in a culture demanding that we buy more. Rampant materialism causes fear by creating debt.

When we earn extremely small amounts of money, we must be creative in how we live, in order to avoid the fearsome burden of debt. When I earned small amounts of money as a delivery person, a busboy, a dish scrapper, a rat cage cleaner, a retail clerk; I lived in small places, often sharing space with other adults. And most importantly, I lived debt free.
For over 25 years years I lived in a 10 foot by 10 foot room in the Red House at Wilbur Hot Springs. I shared the Red House kitchen and bathroom with Wilbur staff and all others who frequented the Red House, including, at times, others who also lived in the Red House. My 10 x 10 room was a constant reminder that I could be happy while living in a small space.

I trust you are comfortable with my taking the liberty of suggesting that, from time to time, you use Wilbur as an ultimately safe place to check in with your Self, and evaluate the fears you are carrying.

Examining the fears directly, immediately reduces their power over you and relegates them to their proper place, namely, an emotional reaction. We need not be the victims of our emotions since we are responsible for generating them. Our fears, and our emotions, should not be the boss that drives us.

We create our feelings and are capable of creating the feelings we want to live with. Being in charge of ourselves takes practice over time. This kind of practice is best done away from the slings and arrows of daily life, away from the internet and away from distracting sounds and sights. For these reasons, and more, I created the Health Sanctuary at Wilbur Hot Springs.
Come on up to the safety of Wilbur and give some time to reducing any fears you carry within. Reducing fear is a hugely worthwhile investment in you, paying gigantic returns.

Say hello next time you are at Wilbur. We're the tall couple with laughing eyes and smiling hearts.

Wishing you excellent health,

Richard and Jolee,
Caretakers, Wilbur Hot Springs

Richard Louis Miller, M.A., Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology
Wikipedia: Dr Richard Louis Miller
Wikipedia: Wilbur Hot Springs
Psychedelic Medicine

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What makes our water so special, anyway?
We’ve heard this question from those who haven’t experienced the magic of Wilbur yet and it’s as easy to answer as it is complex. The other evening as I visited the flumes I wanted to challenge myself to be as present as possible to this experience, and find a way to capture the essence of peace that the waters so gracefully extend to us.

“I chose the warmest flume. I sit down, take a deep breath, breathing in good and exhaling what is not. I lean up and put my arms on the edge of the wooden deck and gaze into the dark sky. All my eyes can see is a towering tree that must be hundreds of years old, and the stars are so bright you can see the Milky Way with ease.

I think about life and I’m filled with gratitude for this moment in time. I relax and take deep breaths, breathing in the peace and refocusing my perspective on life to all that is good.

I slowly get out of the water, dry off, and sit in a chair nude, feeling the breeze while listening to the rushing sound of the water flowing through the creek. I look at another tree on the left and it is so very tall. I look at the dark sky and the numerous, bright stars above. I take a few more deep slow breaths and enjoy this moment in time.”

We can’t wait to see you soon and would love to hear what the flumes feel like for you!


Jerry and Brennan Newberry
WHS General Managers

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