Subject: VPH Newsletter: July 2019

Almost 400 researchers signed the petition to promote the adoption of In Silico Trials through EMA’s strategy on Regulatory Science to 2025.
Finland's Presidency of the Council of the EU published its program for the next six months (1 July to 31 December 2019).
The European Commission has opened a call for experts to join its multi-sectoral and independent Expert Panel providing advice to the Commission on effective ways of investing in health.
The European Federations of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) has recently published an opinion piece on cancer data.
At the last European Council meeting on 20 June 2019, the EU leaders discussed appointments to the institutions’ top jobs, adopted the new Strategic Agenda and conclusions on EU’s long-term budget.
On the 17 June 2019, the European Commission published a presentation explaining why they indicated High Performance Computing (HPC) as a priority area for investments, and showing some concrete examples.
The VPHi members, Prof Norbert Graf and Prof Georgios Stamatakos, have joined forces to validate the Nephroblastoma Oncosimulator and design the next critical steps of its clinical translation procedure.
Dassault Systèmes acquired U.S.-based Medidata, major player in information technologies for clinical trials, for $5.5 billion. This represents to date the largest buyout in the emerging area of in silico medicine and in silico trials and a significant milestone to address the complexity of developing personalied medicine and patient-centric experiences.
After a long date interaction, the two organisations have recently signed an agreement to put the basis for an even stronger collaboration.
Quantifiably differentiating clinical tumours with distinct regression profiles brings the new domain a step closer to its clinical translation.
Based on his outstanding achievements as a scientist, the coordinator of the running CompBioMed project, Prof Peter Coveney has been invited to join the Academia Europaea.
University of Amsterdam has made available 3 job posts related to in silico medicine research.
Read the latest news from the STriTuVaD (in silico trials for tubercolosis vaccine development) project
Marilisa Cortesi wins the competition with her work titled “An in-silico study of cancer cell survival and spatial distribution within a 3D microenvironment”. A special Jury Recognition was also assigned to Laura Baumgartner (UPF).
This book recently published by Springer focuses on the mechanobiological principles in tissue engineering with a particular emphasis on the multiscale aspects of the translation of mechanical forces from bioreactors down to the cellular level.
5 - 6 Sept 2019, London - U.K.
6 Sept 2019, London - UK
12 - 13 Sept 2019, Lübeck, Germany - Post-Deadline Abstract Submission until July 15, 2019
25 - 27 Sept 2019, London - UK - Early Bird Registration deadline 31 July 2019
24 - 26 September 2019, Brussels - Belgium
26 - 28 August 2020, Paris - France 
"The Virtual Physiological Human will revolutionise the way health knowledge is produced stored and managed as well as the way in which healthcare is currently delivered."
 European Commission
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