Subject: Trainer To Follow In Feb+Tipster Update (+80 points)

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Amazing Profits and a Trainer to follow in February

A couple of things today including news on my friend Gary at Always-Back-Winners, who I first told you about in November - 80 of you took the trial at the time and for the patient ones amongst you (25 or so), they're now +41 points up (+£410 to £10 EW bets) after a storming January. Gary is now on +81.53 points (1 point EW) this winter All-Weather season with two months left, before his eyes will turn to the Flat Turf (+90 points last season). 

After some badgering he's agreed to an 80% discount on your first month so more of you can see if his approach is for you. Given those profit figures i'm sure a few of you may take a look HERE>>> More on Gary's service in a moment including full results. 

For those of you who have no interest in 'tipsters' and/or like trainer angles/finding your own bets, hopefully the following may be of interest >>> 

From my members' 'Micro Monday' post... a trainer to follow in February? 

Paul Nicholls

  • February
  • National Hunt (all runners) 
  • Horses Runs In Previous 90 days: 1 only
  • 2015> (last 5 years) 

109 bets / 37 wins / 49p / 34% sr / +54 SP / +79 BFSP / AE 1.39

Within these results >>> 
  • 8/1< SP best: 90 bets / 36 wins/ 48p / 40% sr / +47 SP / +58 BFSP
  • 17/2 + SP: 1/19,1p, +21 BFSP (Brio Conti last Feb, 25/1)
  • Pulled UP Last Time Out: 5/13,6p, +55 (don't be put off by those!) 

A small name to follow in February! :) It's well known that Nicholls gives his horses flu jabs at the end of December/early January, which can see a dip in performance /fewer runners. In the last 30 days they've been going ok... 9/40, 15p... 1/12 in handicaps. Having dived into the stats it does appear that lightly raced horses this season (just 1 run in previous 90 days) are the place to focus. (from a 'systematic' perspective) February really does stand out with this angle, and with the flu jab regime it logically makes sense. We shall see how they do this year but it should be a good 'way in' to finding bets and with any luck will turn another profit systematically .Qualifiers will be posted in my Daily Members' Posts. 



After monitoring Gary's service/approach during last flat season, and getting to know him, it looks like i've found a 'race adviser service' (tips/write ups/notebook horses) worth sticking with! Gary clearly knows the time of day with All-Weather/Flat horses. 

He had a storming October, +40 points or so. November and December were quiet, bobbing up and down, hitting a low of -20 points from highpoint (that's nothing) - it happens with any approach and may do so again after this January's profits - where he's pulled in another +40 points or so, with his Each-Way approach. 

The tipping game is about long term profit, as we know. But you have to enjoy the journey and if you want to follow a tipster i've always said there's a service or two out there for everyone. Gary's approach may be what you've been looking for. 

He tips around 8am on his blog , before sending an email out also, averaging 6-8 bets per week. (120 bets so far this AW season, in just shy of four months) - a manageable amount. 

RESULTS: You can find a full spreadsheet HERE>>>

Special Offer >>> 

If you've yet to try Gary's impressive service, and would like to, you can get 80% off the first month at the link below, exclusive to my readers. 

As well as advising 1 point EW bets -  he's over +£800 this AW season to £10 EW bets - he also does a £1k to £10k challenge, advising 1.25% EW of a £1000 bank. 

So, bets started this AW season in October at £12.50 EW. 

That bank is now up to +£2291.49, (so +£1291.49) now with £28 EW bets.   

(use the discount code as explained on that page / the discount is for new members) 

Gary's service looks a perfect addition to any tipping portfolio. 

All the best, 


p.s Don't forget to keep an eye on Paul Nicholls in February 

p.p.s Don't miss out of Gary's next winner HERE>>> 

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