Subject: Staff Training: A Proactive Responsible Gambling Strategy | Generation Z: From Affiliate To Influencer

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eNews Edition 2 2020

This is a shortened eNews as regulators and industry stakeholders navigate the enormous economic and social challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

IAGR President Paul Newson speaks to us about the heroic efforts of our healthcare professionals, the importance of leadership amongst the disruption, as well as excitement about the tremendous response to speak at IAGR2020 Boston.

We are continuing to build our cohort of expert contributors to ensure we are best positioned to share insights from international regulatory leaders and industry stakeholders as we grapple with topical public policy and regulatory issues and help advance effective and efficient gambling regulation globally.



With land based venues closed due to the COVID-19 emergency what are the opportunities for regulators and operators to focus on improving responsible gambling outcomes? 

Internationally renowned Professor Alexander Balszczynski, University of Sydney, argues improvements in staff training to better responsible gambling interventions is a must for operators.

The end result is the long-term retention of customers, with customers’ enjoying a high-level of supportive services likely to increase brand reputability.
Professor Alexander Balszczynski, Professorial Research Fellow & Director, Gambling Treatment & Research Clinic
University of Sydney


Responsible gambling is the bedrock of the gambling regulatory industry. Over the last 35 years, with the rapid expansion of gambling markets, a major focus of regulators has been to pace this rapid growth and to place responsibility for regulating gambling related harms
upon individuals. But what is known about the research into responsible gambling?

Researchers from Concordia University’s Department of Sociology and Anthropology have undertaken a scoping review of literature available on the concept of responsible gambling.

Dr Robert Heirene & Associate Professor Dr Sally M. Gainsbury discuss consumer protection measures for online gamblers

Compared with land or venue-based gambling, internet/online gambling involves several features that may increase the risk of harms, including constant availability, the use of digital currency and often credit, and the ability to gamble privately. Nonetheless, industry providers, regulators, and gamblers themselves potentially have a much greater opportunity to intervene and prevent harm from occurring online.


Generation Z and their successors will be the largest generations ever by population. They will, however, also be the most socially, ethnically and culturally diverse generations with each social grouping having its own set of characteristics and traits.

The focus of the gaming industry is continuing to shift from acquisition of customers to engagement. How industry engages with these generations, which are unlike any before, will define the success stories and cautionary tales of the coming decade.

Christina Thakor-Rankin, a UK consultant to the gaming industry, shares her views with IAGR.


The role of gambling regulators is always taught with tension to ensure a secure, safe, fair and responsible industry while facilitating innovation and responsible industry development but may need to pivot and address other economic and social risks in current circumstances. Australian researchers have found that regulatory action can positively impact and disrupt online gambling. 

IAGR President, Paul Newson, discusses this research and how gambling regulators worldwide can address this issue.



In the ever-evolving field of payment services, understanding where the industry has come
from and where it is going can be challenging. 

The Gaming Legal Group has published a
chapter that provides the history, the where to next for payment services, the role regulators play in payment services and implications for the gaming industry.


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