Subject: FULL MOON IN VIRGO: Are you brave enough to break through into the reality of this dream?

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Greetings fellow travellers,

Yes, things continue to become ever more “interesting”. The Pisces Sun’s hazy, lazy effect upon the ego is made ever more diffuse by Neptune, and our subliminal awareness of the sensory field becomes greatly amplified, exposing our sensitivities to all kinds of ego-delusions, glamourisations, weaknesses and even victim-sagas.

By Monday, the anxious, worrisome Virgo Moon will stand in opposition to this Sun, though she is totally unsure of what to make of any of this fantastic nonsense. She is of the neat, orderly, practical kind. She abhors abstractions and departures from the ordinary routine, and though she usually trusts whatever the Sun’s up to, she is concerned that things are getting way too weird and it’s getting harder to take care of business.

Even the sesqui-square from Venus/Uranus in earthy Taurus provides little comfort or assurance that things will be stable.

Monday, 9 March 2020, 17:49 UTC
Everything is so up in the air – those things we valued very much in our lives seem to be dwindling and fragmenting all around us. We keep seeing signs and hearing harrowing echoes that “we live in interesting times”, although I’m sure that many of us pine for days when things may once again cease to be so “interesting”; when we can finally return to some semblance of order, again.

Let’s be careful what we wish for…
For we all know that big things are afoot along this leg of the journey, don’t we, fellow travellers? We’re all aware of a mass conspiracy now mounting up near the peaks of Capricorn. Mars (action), just past the South Node (ghosts of the past) slowly marches his way further up the hill, soon to join Pallas Athena (strategy), Jupiter (law), Pluto (power) and then finally Saturn (control) who is at the last degree of his own lofty, craggy domicile. We all suspect that massive things are rolling out, perhaps as an attempt by those in power to restore at least some pretence of order & control.

But really? Are we aware? If so, we’re certainly taking it with a sense of disaffected dissonance.

As Saturn enters into Aquarius briefly (Mar-May), strange cracks appear in the fabric of our reality. A near semi-square to Neptune and square to Uranus is a reminder that the dissonance won’t hold. A new awakening is near.

This has all happened before, in incarnations not so distant.

Twenty-nine years ago, when Saturn was last about to leave Capricorn – in the final stages of Russian communism, there was similar impassivity towards a decadent system. By the end of the 1980s, the Soviet regime had so successfully indoctrinated itself into every aspect of Russian society, that to consider any possible alternatives was out of the question for any politician, journalist, academic or citizen living within the regime. Such was the illusion of perfect control that no-one dared conceive of anything but the official party line, put out by the propaganda of the status quo.

January 1991
The Soviet Union suddenly collapsed on 26 Dec 1991. At the beginning of that year, Saturn was again at the final degree of Capricorn, forming a massive stellium with masters of fragmentation and dissolution – Uranus and Neptune. This was an ultra-rare astrological phenomenon to experience in one’s lifetime.

Of course, no one in the Soviet system could see it crumbling until it was too late to avoid a complete collapse of the old order. It happened because the regime couldn’t hold up anymore – the system’s foundations had become so undermined that the structure was ultimately unsustainable. This much was obvious to anyone waiting in line for bread or petrol or toilet paper or to those fighting a futile war in Afghanistan or middling about in the bureaucratic halls of the Kremlin.

Officially, in public life, such observations went unexpressed. To utter out loud the obvious truth meant to be silenced, redacted and even punished. Strangely, among Russians back then, the end of the Soviet Union was neither a surprise nor was it foreseeable. Such was the bizarre state of wholesale acceptance and phoney belief in a clearly broken system, and all the myths perpetuated to prop it up.

To outsiders, in the West, it seemed like the best-kept secret – a conspiracy of control so tight, behind walls to high, that it was impossible to know the full force of its might and power, or that the whole thing was run on smoke and mirrors, on the brink of ruin. The slick facade of control is always the cloak of a corroding system.

Outer 1991/ Inner 2020
Sound familiar?
Well, it’s remarkable to see the similarities between current astrological themes and key signatures between then and now. While the times and places, motions and emotions of the leading characters may have changed slightly through one generation, we see how the entire planet is reaching a similar state of mass delusion. The greater the extent of fakeness in the world, the more those under its spell are tipped to go along, clinging to the reassurance of its fairy-tale simplicity.

Today, we live in a world where the powerful deceive us on just about every level. We know they’re lying to us, and they know we know they’re lying. They don’t care. We may say we care, or that we’re “woke”, but we do nothing. We ask pathetically “what can be done?” and go along. And nothing ever changes. It’s become the perfect self-perpetuating lie. Today, we live in a world of virtual reality, where truth is not truth. It is a world that is beyond truth. We live in the world of endlessly imaginable possibilities, but we keep doing the same thing over, like watching reruns of some sitcom from the 80s.

We turn a blind eye to the subtle rise of authoritarianism; rampant corporate corruption; titanic-level natural and ecological disasters; the strange case of Donald Trump; the rascally interference of Russians; Sinister China & the mysterious spread of the coronavirus; Brexit and the impending collapse of the EU; the devastating wars of Syria & Yemen; endless migration & a global refugee crises; the much-snubbed threat of climate change; looming economic depression….

Meanwhile, wholesale, systemic lies have become indoctrinated and accepted into our daily lives. World leaders continue to refuse to address the tough decisions, have completely ceded authority to global finance and the central bank, and provide us all with utterly simplistic sound-bites, patently false narratives to steer us away from the uncertainty and ambivalence of our times.

That most of us are under the haze and confusion of these tall tales has unintended and grave consequences. Our senior statesmen and glorified newsreaders, fueled by the mainstream media in all its tech-billionaire owners and CEO’s have become the puppeteers of perception. These are the magicians and sorcerers who dodge telling the public the uncomfortable and difficult truths about the world just to maintain the stranglehold of power on a status quo which isn’t quite what it seems to be.

But it’s not their fault. And it is wrong to think that there is some global conspiracy against us. We cannot blame the elite class for this shit state of affairs because, in truth, most of us prefer it this way. The world is a hard place, too complicated and scary to otherwise endure. We prefer the streaming reality-TV-show paradigm that has become daily news, with all of its celeb-candidates and key contestant ticket-holders. We want this delusion because it pacifies our minds from knowing what a harsh, limited, excruciating world we live on.

This dream/nightmare is our preferred channel. This is the ordinary reality we have collectively chosen to believe and this is what we have manifested. Do we dare to switch?

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