Subject: PISCES NEW MOON: Dare to dream the dream this universe always held for those on this planet.

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Greetings fellow travellers,

At the dark of this Moon, it may be an almost impossible feat for the sensitive, spiritually-aware individual to focus solely on the mystical wonders and cosmic virtues often heralded by the very delicate, almost awe-inspiring Pisces New Moon. The amount of distraction brought into our minds by the very real social anxieties and all the fleeting trivialities of our times can be unnerving. It is essential to stay mindful of all the interferences if we are going to get a good read of the cosmic weather.

As an out-of-bounds Mars joins the cacophony of planets at the Capricorn South Node, the weeks ahead leading to the Aries Equinox may be barbed with hooks and emotional triggers. We must be mindful not to devise the traps, to not become lured into the snares of those who are trying to get a feisty rise out of us. The disturbing noise of the political pantomime becomes a persistent, diabolical movement, which can become an overriding distraction to the affairs of the soul. No, it's not a conspiracy. It's a distraction from what is really going on in our world. Whatever is occurring to the structure of power in your own, personal sphere (home, work, relationships) is also happening outside that world.

And you can see, it's not just you. People everywhere are genuinely pissed off. They feel increasingly marginalised and anxious about their future, want more control over their lives.

Young or old, male or female, in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, people everywhere all want to be individuals, not just expendable components of faceless corporations, trade unions, political parties or religious movements. We each want to be autonomous individuals who wish to express ourselves and are in control of our own destiny.

During the Uranus/Pluto squares of 2012-2015, the spread of digital technology and its ubiquitous gadgetry and the rise of this ├╝ber-individualism in society meant that our politics became all screwed up. The spirit one had of being part of a collective ideological movement, which could one-day challenge power and change the world, also began to die away.

In its place was born a technocratic management system which monitors and controls all people as integers of intersectional groups. The technocrats and their intelligent algorithms control our choices by analysing and using our data to understand how we are behaving inside the consumerist matrix. Meanwhile, we are led to believe that we're unique, free-thinking and autodynamic individuals who have an infinite amount of choices on what to think, what to buy and who to vote for.

Creepishly, in the long-anticipated effects to last month's Saturn conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, the masses have become infinitesimally divided, each individual becoming disempowered by the obscure but crippling suspicion that since there is nobody quite like their 'individual' self, that they must somehow be better, or at otherwise better off alone in their worseness. In the lower-minded individual, this emerges as a hatred, or quasi racism or sexism, or agism or some other kind of sociological angst that separates them at the most empirical level. Unlike the past 200 years, this new-age anxiety is not a fear born out of some notion of biological superiority. It is primarily a more rational fear, whose roots are complex but stem from a moral, ethical and academic arrogance (Jupiter in Capricorn).

As Uranus entered Taurus in 2019, we find our innovativeness and intellectual development locked into a stagnant, static world because it's always looking to the past for clues about how to move forward. Thus, it is afraid to imagine something new. We refuse to believe in a future system that hasn't already existed. This fixed, traditionalist status only leads us down the road to atrophy and repetition. Uranus is debilitated in the fixed/earth mode, and life becomes a repetitive drone because it doesn't allow the innovativeness and free political ideas of the masses to challenge power. Instead, it enables the endemic corruption, cover-ups and psychopathic mania to own and control everything without posing any considerable challenge.

The antithesis of this rigid social stability is the politics of imagination. Enter this Pisces New Moon, and the ensuing Full Moon in Virgo, which opposes the Sun/Neptune. Here we sense a yearning that there must be something higher than the repetition and the pessimism that has engulfed the earth. Pisces, ruled by Neptune, engenders us all with The Dream. I say 'The' Dream because it is only in the collective vision that we are united-as-one that we can work together towards a more compassionate and forgiving world.

The fear imposed upon this planet by those in the ruling classes and their silent, but powerful, supporters is real. The leaders of today are primarily empowered by those in the Pluto-in-Leo generation i.e. the "baby-boomers". It is they who refuse to come to terms with the ominous coming of their own mortality. This darkening shadow of an aging generation's death anxiety over the entire planet is slowly cast over the rest of us, and rather than dealing with serious issues like climate change and the depletion of the planet's physical resources, they instead make an obstinate grab for more.

What we are seeing from old-style governments and banking systems is an excuse to restructure power and resources in a kind of Orwellian-style dystopia (see China) - one which reflects that generation's fear of mortality because they are incapable of seeing anything going on beyond their own death. A very competitive war will ensue.

As Mars ignites the patriarchic stellium of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, his sister Eris, now squaring from Aries, is totally pissed off. She stands for strife, discord, cataclysm and extinction. Something has to die. Forever. Unlike Pluto, which brings rebirth, Eris sees only the survival of the fittest. Mars will join Eris in Aries for the entire second half of 2020. Together they will see that everything that is in corruption and decay stands up to the fight of its life.
Meanwhile, it helps to understand that everything you experience here is a product of our imagination. Our politics is about imagining the future and having the means to persuade a bunch of people who dream the same dream to support us to make that happen.

What are you imagining? Is what you see in your dreams emotionally unsustainable? If we wish to hold an optimistic vision of the future - one that sheds the sadness and the grief carried over from our past, we must learn to fuse science with religion. We need to reach inside our hearts and give rise to a whole new spirituality. Both our technologies and 'god' are about the grandeur of living and being part of a grand story. Essentially, humans want to live according to a big narrative. We want a story out of which we can draw infinite ideas.

How do you imagine the future story to look?

Yesterday, I discussed the current astrological dynamics at length in this 60-minute live 'Cosmic Bus' webcast. Also, I have prepared an intensive horoscope 'reading' and New Moon intention for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. These are vital signposts in understanding our particular place in the cosmos. I welcome you all to sign up and support the work that helps to support you.

Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx

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