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Recovery On-Screen  Authentics Promo/Trailer Now Available Online
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October 2019
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'Recovery On-Screen'
Authentics Promo/Trailer Now Available Online
At the 2019 SMART Recovery National Conference we debuted the short film, Authentics, written and directed by Daniel Stine of Rising Act Films. The film was made possible by the generous support of The Chris and Debbie Swain Charitable Foundation.
Authentics is a 25-minute film that was shot in 4½ days with professional actors in and around Atlanta. It centers around a young photographer struggling with addiction who books a job to shoot a wedding. She meets a man who is no stranger to addiction himself who gently introduces her to the principles of SMART Recovery. He inspires her to change and, in the process, he changes too. 
The film features powerful performances from lead actor Linden Ashby, who has been seen on Lifetime’s Army Wives, and up-and-coming Haley Leary who appeared on ABC’s Nashville.
We will be releasing details soon about its online world premiere. Stay tuned!
In the meantime, check out a new show we launched on SMART Recovery's YouTube channel called Recovery On-Screen, a monthly review of films and TV shows that center around addiction and recovery. Our first episode features a review of Authentics. Don't miss it!
Stages of Change
Developed by Dr. Carlo DiClemente, the STAGES OF CHANGE model is a very important way to look at your recovery from a long-term perspective. What STAGE are you in?
Binge Drinking vs. Heavy Drinking
What are the differences? Should I be concerned with either?
Excessive drinking is a concern for many, but there is confusion about the terms binge drinking and heavy drinking. Differences between the two have implications for both self-change and treatment.
Learn what binge and heavy drinking mean and how to best tackle each in this guest blog post provided by our friends at CheckUp & Choices.
Friends & Family
Boundaries  A Powerful Tool
Boundaries are guidelines that define what we feel are permissible ways for other people to treat us. All healthy relationships are based on respecting other people’s rights. When we respect each other’s rights, we are recognizing our boundaries. 

When addiction is an issue, boundary problems multiply quickly

As founder of the successful CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) Program, Dr. Bob Myers said, “what starts out as helping turns into relationship poison. That’s typically when family members come to SMART looking for answers.

Through SMART Recovery Family & Friends, you can learn how to take responsibility for calmly, clearly, and consistently communicating boundaries in order to restore a healthier relationship with your loved one.
Opioid Withdrawal Differs by Type
How OWS Differs Between Short-Acting Opioids, Long-Acting Opioids, and MAT Medications 
Opioid withdrawal can be a major driver of continued opioid use and dependence. As use of opioids continues over time, the brain makes it difficult to abruptly discontinue use, even if one wishes to do so. Opioid withdrawal syndrome can include such symptoms as extreme agitation, physical illness, depression, and fatigue. Many, especially those who have experienced withdrawal, continue the use of opioids out of necessity, to avoid getting sick.
Want to get a better understanding of opioid withdrawal based on differing opioid types? This article explains withdrawal from short-acting versus long-acting opioids and discusses withdrawal from medications such as buprenorphine and methadone.  
Board President Bill Greer Interviewed on 
Light Hustle Podcast
Alternatives to AA
SMART Recovery Board President Bill Greer was recently interviewed on the Light Hustle Podcast discussing SMART Recovery, why this program appeals to people, and why, even though it’s a great alternative to 12-step programs, the organization doesn’t allow bashing of AA.
2019 SMART Recovery National Conference
Presentation Videos & Slides Now Available
In case you missed it, we recently shared access to presentation videos and slides from our 2019 SMART Recovery National Conference. 

Presentations were offered by renowned speakers from the fields of addiction science, psychology, medicine, and policy – as well as peer support meeting facilitators and therapists – who shared their latest research, results, and best practices. You don't want to miss these messages! 

We encourage you to visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to our YouTube channel receive updates about other great video content in the future.

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