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December Newsletter

It’s the first thing you see after coming through the gates at Wilbur Hot Springs – a sign that reads “Time to Slow Down”. The first time I read the sign, I really didn’t give it much thought, as that isn’t the way we have spent the past three years of our lives in southern Utah. Amy and I love to enrich ourselves in the history of the various places we travel, and explore the natural landscape and outdoor recreational opportunities of the surrounding area, so moving to Wilbur Hot Springs was not a lengthy, drawn out decision.


As a society, we are lonelier than ever before. With social media’s false offering of connection, our primal need to gather has fallen to the wayside. Studies have shown that an individual thrives when closely surrounded by others sharing most of life together. Community focused living can contribute more to your life and health than you might realize.

Mental health struggles are on the rise particularly for this reason. When you are spending your days closely connected to others (generally speaking) you have the advantage of getting basic needs met which sends positive signals throughout your brain. This is a major contributor to the lessening of anxiety and depression.


Guest Chef Weekend Thanksgiving Celebration
November 27-29

Chefs Marion Cascio and Liam McDermott invite you to our 5th Thanksgiving Celebration. Come fill yourselves with joy, community, and delightful food!

Find out what's on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner.

Call now to make your reservation (530) 473-2306
We still have a few spots left!

Guided Meditation with Anyes
November 30 - December 1 and December 21-22

Join Anyes in a deep Guided Meditation to unveil the source of spontaneity, curiosity and a big yes to the unknown. Taking risks doesn’t need to mean extreme sports, and there are many creative ways we can spice the day with a little unknown. But only you know how…

Guided Meditation with Shundo
December 28-29

A meditation practice can transform your way of thinking and understanding, and help you to widen your perspectives. This enables you to respond rather than simply react, and allows you to find a flexibility and resilience in yourself that you may not have known how to access.

New Years Eve Guest Chef Weekend with Chef Marion
December 30 - January 1

Even though this event sold out months ago, give us a call to get on the waiting list! Chef Marion’s meals are a main attraction, but it is Wilbur’s guests who make this New Years Eve celebration so fun and special.

Chef Marion grew up in Germany in a house full of cooks and began her training in her parents’ restaurant. Once of age, she studied classical culinary arts in Germany, where she apprenticed in fine French cuisine for three years and cooked in several fine dining restaurants and a health clinic. In 1997 she moved to Big Sur, where she co-created a farm and homestead, raised goats, chickens, and bees and managed an extensive garden.

Call now to get on the waiting list for NYE Guest Chef Weekend (530) 473-2306
Announcing 2020 Guest Chef Weekends

We are really excited about our 2020 Guest Chef Weekend lineup! Here are the GCW dates and our beloved Guest Chefs who will be hosting them. Come for the amazing food, stay for the genuine community you always find at Wilbur.

Jan 24-26 with Bodhi Cole
Feb21-23 with Marion Cascio
Mar 20-22 with Bodhi Cole
Mar 17-19 with Liam McDermott
Mar 22-24 with Jesse Blume
Sep 25-27 with Marion Cascio
Oct 23-25 with Jesse Blume
Nov 25-27 with Marion Cascio
Dec 30 - Jan 1 with Marion Cascio

Currently all 2020 Guest Chef Weekends have availability, but call now to reserve your spot, as they book up fast! (530) 473-2306


“My husband and I had a very relaxing weekend here. The room was clean, and the bed was comfortable. We hiked, biked, soaked, got massages, and did the guided meditation with Anya. We played scrabble, ping pong, and pool. The highlight of our trip were the wild horses we encountered during the hike. The staff is nice. The lady at the front desk was welcoming and professional. She gave us a thorough orientation since it was our first time. The guys checking pool temperatures smiled. All staff were professional like a reputable business operates. It was very healing, and we will be back!”

 -- M.J. - San Mateo, California
Wilbur Hot Springs, 3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Wilbur Springs, CA 95987, United States
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