Subject: Secrets behind the really 'catchy' traffic campaigns

How do you get your campaigns on even MORE sites? 

Well, we need to face a brutal truth

There are a LOT of people using this Traffic Ivy platform
[+] Plus side: You have more places to share your stuff
[-] It also means, there are a lot of people creating campaigns

Which, means if you want MORE people to share your 
campaigns you need to make them catchy. 

The easiest way to get them noticed (of course), is to 
offer more points.  Nothing speaks louder than a super
tasty incentive. 

If you're wanting to get more bang for your points 
here are a few techniques that will help you create
the most catchy, sharable campaigns that really
get you noticed. 

Tip #1: Make it shareable 
I've said this a lot, but if it's not something YOU would
want to share on your sites... well... don't get weird about
it when other people decide to not share it either. 

The most shared campaigns are the ones that: 
- Add value (not just promote, but teach something) 
- Are nicely formatted, easy to read and follow 
- Are relevant and targeted to the niche category

Tip #2: Build curiosity
There's a lot of rubbish that gets said about 'clickbait', where
you entice people to click ... based solely on curiosity - but... 
it works.  Just make sure that when they land their you're 
answering the question you've started stirring in their mind. 

Sometimes it's good to go on the sites that are totally known
for their outrageously over the top clickbait type subject lines
to start getting the creative juices flowing.  Borrow some of
those ideas if it helps - and then tie it in with your own personality
and what you want to portray.

Here are a few sites you can check out to get some ideas for
eye catching headlines (don't get lost there... haha)
Buzzfeed, Ranker and Cracked <- clickbait ideas... :)  

Tip #3: Use an image
Images get noticed in the Traffic Ivy marketplace and also, 
with a lot of the campaigns - they'll also be shared and
get your campaign more attention on the actual pages 

Tip #4: Keep it relevant
Relevance is where it's at and is the pumping heart 
behind Traffic Ivy. So when you're creating the campaign,
choose your category. 

- Which audience do you want to see your content
- Is your content something they'll 'geek out' over? (will they love it!) 
- Can those people related to what you're sharing?

Think of this too, when you're sharing other people's 
content from the marketplace.  

Is the blog, social site etc, a site in line with the category
the item is listed in.   If not, find some items that are. 

DON'T just promote an item 'cause it will earn your points 
because unfortunately it could also earn you negative 
ratings ... which will, in turn... effect the amount of points
you earn. 

So keep it relevant throughout and you'll be golden! 

Tip #5: Feel free to experiment
There is no hard and fast rule to any of this... everything
in marketing comes down to testing, trialing and adapting. 

Isn't that life though?  Especially as an entrepreneur! 

So, create a campaign and see how it goes.  If you're finding
it's not working as well as you'd like - stop it (delete it) and
start a new one. 

Deleting a campaign won't cost you any points, so give it 
a try - leave it for a day or so, and if it's not really working
change it up a bit and post it again, just in a different way. 


Do you have any other ideas or suggestions you're 
using to make great campaigns?

Or ideas you'd love other people to use when creating
their campaigns... so you have more awesome stuff 
to share and earn points with? 


I know in yesterday's email I mentioned I was gonna talk
about making some other social media campaigns. 

We got sidetracked - because we've had a lot more people
asking about this and I wanted to get it out to you now... 

So... I hit snooze on that idea and will share it with you 
tomorrow instead.  You'll love it, so watch for the email :) 

Talk with ya soon, 

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