Subject: New Moon in Aries: Are you getting this?

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Greetings Fellow Travellers,

I will try to be ultra-brief if that's possible since so much news is streaming in from the cosmos and there is only so much we can really process against that siren of media commotion that's going on all around us.

I understand the narrative out there sounds pretty dire - a lot of morbid, freaky news about some virus running rife, and though the only real defence for all seems to be to splinter off and isolate away from everyone, please rest assured that all the cosmic signs are pointing that we take all that we hear with a grain of salt, keep on working on our inner selves, conserving purity of mind.

Uranus semisquaring Neptune in its final dizzy spells, calling out not to buy into the same hypernormalising hogwash which ultimately brought down soviet Russia at the end of 1991. A reminder: Saturn's now right where he was back in the lead up to that fall, hovering over Uranus/Neptune as they also primed themselves to have their big conjunction there in Capricorn.

Harmonic conversion of the big three - cosmic rulers of the 3rd, 4th and the 5th dimensions, those degrees now being triggered off by today's Mars/Jupiter/Pluto, like some nostalgic echo of Kurt Cobain's grunge-filled maudlin angst which back then told us 'Nevermind', and what would follow for the next 29 years was a cycle of soul-dissociated beings, slowly becoming disaffected and dismayed that this old world was really coming to an end.

And so it is.
We are here at the end. Very soon we will reset the 'now' button.
So, nevermind. Nothing is real. Turns out your gig never really mattered that much after all. Meanwhile, all other news is cancelled until further notice. All activity is frozen, like in that old Grimm fairy-tale, and each untimely death can be attributed to this accursed virus, served up on telly as proof of sorts that this disease is really real. The ghost of our alienated and antagonistic youth; this Curse of nihilistic Kurt, who most sardonically warned us back in 1991 "smelled like teen spirit" is about to erupt into humanity's revolt or fizzle out into oblivion.

What am I raving about? I guess you'll see with your real eyes. Or is it with your real lies?

Anyway, just want to wish you all an amazing Aries New Moon. So glad to see so many of you loving folks here in 'the tribe' right now - shows that you're following and seeing all along, and yes, that no this wasn't just a cosmic hoax, although it's arguable that all else down here may well be. Expecting Weinstein now to follow Epstein in an early cosmic pardon, while all the rest of us are left to pick up pieces and do the hard labour.

If you are puzzled or perplexed, a little frustrated or even scared, then you're still clinging, and I get that. Please join me later on this week for a Live Bus Q&A. I want to hear your concerns and thoughts too, but just for now, please take a moment to sit and reflect on your position, become aligned, body and soul and make a firm intention to at least stand in your Solar centre and to heal thyself from all this other madness.

Again, I've provided you with this starter pack - this week's free offering is for Gemini - we all know at least one. Blessings to all and see you later on the bus, as usual xx
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