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We are delighted to recommend the following books from the independent publishing sector.
Best Independent Books December 17
Selling through Your Heart
by Shirlene Reeves

This comprehensive step-by-step guide designed exclusively for business people, salespersons and entrepreneurs is focused on boosting sales and generating a more substantial income. It addresses issues such as market competition, meeting sales quotas and overcoming the anxiety of building a viable business.

The wisdom and teachings in this book will help to strengthen business knowledge. The author provides tips on tapping into universal support, and adds valuable insights on how to implement and achieve the success of a million-dollar blueprint.

The author explains how to develop an abundant mindset, how to communicate effectively, how to build a sturdy foundation for any business, how to market products and services and how to sell them by following the three steps of her sales waltz. As an interactive feature, the book has spaces for readers to make notes and answer questions while reading the various sections.

Easy to understand, relatable and interactive — OnlineBookClub

Honors: Winner, Career, Next Generation Indie Book Awards; Winner, Sales & Marketing, Independent Press Award; Winner, Sales & Marketing, New York City Big Book Award; Finalist, Business: Sales, International Book Awards; seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1944335953

Altered Helix
(Book One of the Altered Helix series)

by Stephanie Hansen

I didn’t want to take the traditional path. First, I wasn’t ready for college. Second, I was going to live with my best friend, Tiff, and work at the Haunted House. Third, did I mention the hot guy Josh that works there too?

The most exciting thing about Austria’s new job, at a local haunted house, was the fact that the toughest looking people screamed the loudest. But when she meets the boy without a home, Josh, her life takes intriguing and eventful turns. Up until now, Josh has managed to hang with his street crowd, but they’re in danger, and so is Austria, the girl Josh recently fell for. The group joins forces with previously considered enemies, who also now find themselves in danger.

Deeply compassionate and full of twists, this book captures the struggle of polarized people that must work together for the greater good.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Young Adult

ISBN: 978-1735042305

A Beautiful Glittering Lie
by J.D.R. Hawkins

In the spring of 1861, a country once united is fractured by war. Half of America fights for the Confederate cause; the other for unification. Rebel forces have already seized Fort Morgan and Fort Gaines, a new Confederate president has been elected, and the constitution has been revised. In north Alabama, a farmer and father of three decides to enlist. For Hiram Summers, it is the end of everything he has ever known.

After Hiram travels to Virginia with the Fourth Alabama Infantry Regiment, he is quickly thrust into combat. His son David, who must stay behind, searches for adventure at home by traipsing to Huntsville with his best friend, Jake Kimball, to scrutinize invading Yankees. Meanwhile, Hiram’s wife Caroline struggles to keep up with the farm as her world revolves around the letters she receives from her husband. As Hiram and his son discover the true meaning of war, they soon realize that their choices have torn their family apart.

In this historical tale, the naïveté of a young country is tested, a father sacrifices everything to defend his home, and a young man longs for adventure, regardless of the perilous cost.

Honors: Winner, John Eston Cooke Fiction Award; seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1643619941

(Book Two of the Broken Minds series)

by Lee Maguire

A dark soul emerges. Josef is a young Amish man in Pennsylvania living on a farm with his mother. He works as a carpenter. Although he lives among the plain folk, he has dreams of a life beyond his Amish community.

Josef obsesses about Hollywood and the rich and famous people he believes live there. They are sinners living in modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. While he is disgusted with the images of wealth and greed that flood his imagination, he is not without sin. His heart overflows with lust, and there is a deep well of anger within him. As his emotions grow in intensity, his impulsivity increases.

As circumstances have it, his path crosses with that of a local psychologist, Dr. Bryce Davison, who happens to be recovering from recent trauma of his own. With Dr. Davison in Josef’s sights, bad things will happen. Can the psychologist respond in time to save one of his patients with his own life on the line?

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-0999411223

Your True Power
by Trissa Tismal-Capili

In this book, 14 ordinary but remarkable women come together to share the stories — 100 percent raw and authentic — of how they overcame their biggest and darkest challenges by embracing their true power.

With richly vibrant voices from many backgrounds illustrating one and the same message, there’s plenty of inspiration to help people unlock their lives. The women tell of going from being an overwhelmed high achiever to moving into the state of flow; finding infinite possibilities after losing everything; going from treating the body as a burden to treating it as a guide; pivoting from seeking externally to looking within; going from saying “I'm not enough” to declaring “I am the answer”; finding freedom from codependency; and going from stating “This is the end” to proclaiming “The best is yet to come!”

The women featured are Suyen Angbetic Bailey, Leslie Sandra Black, Debbie Shuman Espinoza, Heather Ann Fink, Fiorella Garibaldi, Dawn Gomez, Sandra Ann Grant, Aurora Hood Hammond, Judith Krug, Barbara Harumi Otis, Silvia Rios, Dionnie Simone, Trissa Tismal-Capili and Gale Ziccarelli.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Self-Help


In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
Planning Today for Success Tomorrow:
helping students choose their college or trade school major and career

by Moses McCutcheon, Jr.

This guide teaches students how to decide what they really want; truly knowing that is the first principle of success!

More than 50 percent of all high-school seniors don’t know what they want to be or do after graduation. An effective career-development program enables students to plan for future success. Career-development training saves time and money. The earlier career development training begins the better. Career planning should start with family planning.

This book was written to help parents and schools to guide middle-school and high-school students to make the transition from school to a successful life.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Education

ISBN: 978-1432700133

Father Christmas
by Rowdy Herrington

This unforgettable coming-of-age story will bring families together with inspirational holiday cheer and nostalgia for the comfort of Father Christmas.

In the coal mining town of Brilliant, Ohio during the Great Depression, 10-year-old Annie O’Neill is finally allowed to stay up on Christmas Eve, bursting with excitement and wonder at catching a glimpse of Father Christmas himself! Though her family struggles to make ends meet, this man of goodwill always leaves Annie and her siblings presents that bring joy and laughter for the whole family.

When Annie’s father returns home from a long shift at the coal mine on Christmas Eve, she makes a life-changing discovery about who Father Christmas really is. As she wrestles with reality and make-believe, her profound new realization will touch the hearts of people everywhere. As she gracefully releases her innocence, she learns the true meaning of Christmas is what lies in your heart.

A powerful story... The author carves a compassionate plot around a large coal-mining family, struggling to make ends meet, while at the same time not losing touch with what it really means to love and to care. — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Children’s

ISBN: 978-1970157161

by Joseph Lewis

A late-night phone call, a missing boy, a murdered family — no one is talking. Integrity is protecting someone who has betrayed trust. Courage is keeping a promise even though it might mean death.

A late-night phone call turns what was to be a fun hunting trip into a deadly showdown. Three 15-year-old adoptive brothers together face death on top of a mesa on the Navajo Nation’s reservation in northeastern Arizona. They have no idea why men are intent on killing them.

This is a contemporary psychological thriller and an exploration of the heart and of a blended family of adopted children and their relationships to each other and their parents woven into a tight mystery-thriller.

A compelling novel... brimming with suspense and action... — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Recognition for Author: 2nd Place, Thriller, Pencraft Literary Awards, 2018

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-1684335725

The Magic of Thinking Tiny
by Jim Walker

Personal success and growth, community change, entrepreneurial traction and high-impact coaching all begin with tiny changes. This tiny book teaches how to apply tiny changes to deliver high performance.

The author describes how high performers across a wide range of industries and disciplines have harnessed tiny changes to drive productivity and transformation. Champion athletes and performers have long understood the importance of practicing on tiny improvements. It’s not about how long people practice, but the tiny changes people focus on while practicing. Entrepreneurs, marketers, sales professionals, athletes, coaches, teachers and parents can all unlock powerful changes by changing the way they approach problems that seem big; they break them down into manageable tiny steps.

The most powerful thing about thinking tiny is that it can be applied in any situation and to any age group, unlocking surprisingly high-impact results with minimum effort and stress. The Magic of Thinking Tiny holds the key to help unlock vast amounts of untapped energy, transformation, innovation and wealth!

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Self-Help

ISBN: 978-0999081624

April’s Heart
by Shilah Ferr

It’s 1977, and 13-year-old cheerleader April Schweiter falls in love with Mitch Hudgins, putting an end to childhood and changing her life forever. She embarks on a coming-of-age journey full of angst and unanswered questions. And her dysfunctional family is only one of the problems in her way.

Classmate and wrestler Mitch Hudgins can’t get enough of April either. She stirs in him surprising passion that is new and unfamiliar and needs to be explored. But they say goodbye when they attend schools in different towns, far away from each other. Surely staying together couldn't have a chance of working out. Yet a clean break-up also seems impossible. They’re crazy for each other!

This is a story of young love, hot and heavy. The ebook contains almost Spotify links to the 40 songs mentioned in the story to evoke the period.

A book with strong lessons for young people dipping their toes into serious relationships, bolstered by an honest authorial voice and characters that skillfully tug at the heartstrings — Self-Publishing Review

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Young Adult

ASIN: B07ZZJ1WR7 ISBN: 978-1705541630

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