Subject: Can I ask 2 questions? One is silly...

I’m going to ask you 2 SUPER important question Friend and the first I want you to just close your eyes and think about.

I’m actually going to take a deep breath before I type it, because I know it can be a painful question.

It was for me anyway.

(but the answer to make it less painful is here too)

Ok, here goes…

What does FREEDOM mean to you?

Does it mean leaving a job that you hate?

Does it mean complete financial security?

Does it mean taking full control of your time and how you spend it?

Does it mean the chance to pursue those dreams and desires that sit in your heart all day?

What did you think about?

What would you do if money, and time, and lifestyle
weren’t just a dream, or an option… but a reality?

And now that you know EXACTLY what you want, I’ve
got kind of a silly question to lighten the mood…

How quickly do you want your ideal version of freedom?

Silly question, right?

You wanted it like yesterday… or 10 years ago!!

I get it… and that’s why I wanted to show you how to get that FREEDOM faster.

How to get step by step help.

How to get live help.

How to actually see the Escape Plan you already have in action, so you can do more than just learn it…

But you can get REAL results in as little as the
next 48 hours.

Because it’s one thing to have a plan.

Everybody has one of those.

But I know you’re tired of plans.

You want RESULTS.

You don’t want to just see how to do it...

You want to see it done!

Because you want the cash flow in your life now.

You want the time in your life now.

You want the security for your family in your life now.

You want the purpose in your life now.

So it’s time to stop knowing the plan.

Time to stop learning the plan.

And actually take the ACTION that will allow you to Escape into your FREEDOM as quickly as possible.

Get Freedom Faster Here

The clock isn’t slowing down.

Bills aren’t getting less expensive.

That desire to do something more with your life isn’t going away.

And you know it.

So, think about what freedom means to you one more time.

Close your eyes and FEEL what it would be to actually
have it… (careful tears may appear here).

Now open your eyes…

Dry them off…

And take the faster way to freedom WITH me here

Seriously, I will be there to actually help you.

In chats.

In groups.


I’m here… and an entire community called “Freedom Crusaders” is waiting to help you too!

Let us help you starting NOW!

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

P.S. Thanks for answering the questions. I know not having the freedom you desire and DESERVE is hard.

But we’re here to help. Me and my happy band of Freedom Crusaders!

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