Subject: {Step #3}: you’ll wanna pay me for this

No joke, Friend.

When you get the power of this, you'll ask me how you
can pay me.

Actually... your brain will on its own MAKE you pay me.

(you'll see when you keep reading)

It's that powerful.

Step #3 is responsible for more internet fortunes being made
than any sales funnel...

Any traffic source...

Any webinar...

Any product launch...

It's actually what fuels ALL of the above.



And sending emails is still king.

It's still where all of the money is made.

But here's the deal...

You've been fed yet another myth.

That myth I know you've heard before.

It's this...

"The Money is in The List."

And that is flat out WRONG!

The TRUTH that will turn your list into a goldmine
is this...

Your list aren't just numbers, or a list at all…
it's PEOPLE.

People with hopes.

People with dreams.

People with needs.

People who want to pay you IF you can prove that you
deserve it.

And proving that is simple.

Ready for the solution that will allow you to pull money out of thin air whenever you want?

This solution will have the PEOPLE on your list wanting to buy from you even before you give them an offer.

In fact... it's so powerful, that it's built into your biology, so when you do it...

People feel like they HAVE to buy something from you.

Their brain is literally screaming for them to pull their credit card out and buy right now no matter what.

The solution is to BE THE SOLUTION!

And no... I am not playing some Yoda Jedi trick on you.

You see... that thing I was talking about in your brain is a
principle called "reciprocity."

Basically... when you do something for somebody enough

When you help people...

When you solve their problems...

Their brain, on its own... starts searching for ways to pay you

So, when you give them an offer, it's their brain... even before they realize it consciously...

That is screaming...

"Pay this person now!"

So... every time you teach a person something.

Every time you give them a bonus.

Every time you answer a question.

Every time you solve a problem they're having...

Their brain is building a stronger and stronger desire to
pay you back.

So... it literally PAYS YOU to focus on...




Instead of...

sell, sell, sell (like everyone else).

When you do that, you not only separate yourself from all
the sales bullies...

But, you're training people to NEED to pay you without them
even knowing it.

Told you that this was powerful.

This one principle put into action will change your life.

Use it, but use it with a good heart.

Really WANT to help people.

Really WANT to serve people.

Because if all you really want is the sale...

The brain automatically sees that too, and it will disregard
you as quickly as it wanted to pay you.

Told you this was good stuff.

Enjoy it and use it with a good heart!

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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3. You have to know why they want it.

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Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore
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