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First Quarter 2020
From the Executive Director's Corner
Each summer, the AFSA Education Foundation team takes time to perform a more thorough review of MoneySKILL and our financial education resources to ensure that the content is relevant and remains up to date. To help inform this work, we also distribute our annual MoneySKILL Instructor Satisfaction Survey, which you should have received last week. It’s an important way for us to gather feedback from educators who use MoneySKILL and helps us ensure that we continue providing effective and valuable financial education content for your teaching needs. We have already received a great response rate so far, but I would encourage you take a few minutes to complete the survey here if you haven’t already.

As we look ahead to the new school year, we recognize the likelihood that some level of remote learning will continue for many students through the end of this year. We are proud to have a suite of free financial education resources, including the entire MoneySKILL course, that are available online and can be easily integrated into your remote learning curriculum. In fact, we have seen over a 60% increase in new student registrations so far this year (representing nearly an additional 18,000 students reached) stemming from the increased demand for online learning that began in March. We are so pleased to see the increase in activity, and want to welcome the new teachers, educators, and parents who have recently started using MoneySKILL.

As always, I encourage you to reach out to us directly with any feedback or questions you might have at We value your insights and our team is here to support you as a MoneySKILL instructor.

Best wishes,

Rhonda Ashburn
Executive Director
AFSA Education Foundation
Ask MoneySKILL!
Can students complete the MoneySKILL modules in any order?

As a MoneySKILL instructor, you can adjust your class settings at any time to allow (or disallow) students to complete the modules in any order. If you would like to edit this and other settings in a class you have already set up, click on the “Edit” link for the class on your MoneySKILL dashboard page.
Do I have to input student names when setting up their accounts for my MoneySKILL class?

No. MoneySKILL instructors can use a student ID number or any other anonymous alphanumeric code when setting up student accounts in their class.
How do I find instructions for setting up my first MoneySKILL class?

MoneySKILL instructors can find an Instructor Handbook in the Resources section of their accounts (here).
Additional Financial Education Resources
Supplemental MoneySKILL Video Content:  With the support of Toyota Financial Services and Dr. Barbara O’Neill, we have recently updated a resource for teachers that includes supplementary educational videos and classroom discussion questions that align with each of the 37 MoneySKILL modules. Log in at and go to the Resources link to check it out!
Do Your K-12 Schools Offer Financial Education?  Learn more at and find resources for parents, students, and educators to advocate for effective financial education in the classroom.
CFPB Financial Education Resources:  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) website is a great resource for teachers and parents looking for financial education materials to supplement MoneySKILL. They have an entire section dedicated to youth financial education, including teaching and learning strategies, engaging classroom activities, and links to the latest research in this arena. Learn more here.
Supporting MoneySKILL
The AFSA Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that relies on grant funding and charitable donations to provide MoneySKILL free of charge. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation today to support the foundation and MoneySKILL, please click the link below. Your contribution helps us to continue providing high quality financial education resources and training to educators and employers across the country. Thank you!
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