Subject: In A RevShare.. How Do Our AdPacks Grow?

In a RevShare.. how do ADPACKS grow?

Back again to make your day.. or at least your next few minutes!! I'ts Curt again, here, to explain something really powerful.

How have you been? It's been a week, now, that you've been reading this crazy talk about revshares and adpacks and now... compound earnings??

I don't know anything about your background but for the most part, I'd bet that to some people these terms and ideas are totally off the wall. Thanks, I would totally take that as a compliment. After all - I've never been accused of doing anything "normal". ;-)

The next email will totally knock your socks off.. but first I need to set the stage.

The AdPack Idea

In an earlier email (Day #2, I believe) I explained that the term "adpack" is short for "advertising package". Now I want to give an idea as to why people like to buy them.. over and over again.

Customers/members come in and purchase adpacks because they want more traffic to their websites. They also have the understanding that so long as they do their necessary activities (usually clicking ads) each day to remain qualified, that they will get to share profits from the revenue share pool as the company generates its profits.

No money is promised. It is just a "thank you" that is given to the people, so long as the company is turning a profit. Yes, people are "used to" getting their "cash back plus some", this is a fact. Never EVER look at adpack purchases as investments, though, remember.

How you can GET AHEAD in the adpack game

Ok - here is how it works. You buy yourself an adpack, lets say, for $10 at a revshare program. Now, over a period of time - assuming you are staying qualified to earn - your adpack earnings, or payback, will mature to $12 (assuming it was 20%).

Here's the thing: Before it matures to 120% it'll hit 100%, which is what you initially paid for the adpack. At this point, you COULD purchase adpack #2. Doing this would mean that you are now earning from 2 adpacks, concurrently, until that adpack #1 expires.

While the initial adpack still has a little ways to go before it expires  the #2 adpack is already active and already giving you cashback, itself. This will make you be able to purchase adpack #3 more quickly. Sure, you'll always be seeing the oldest adpack fall-off (expire) BUT the rate of expiration of the oldest adpack will be slower than the BRAND NEW adpacks that you are buying (re-purchases).

This pattern, continued, maintains a steady growth. If you contine to re-purchase adpacks - as your earnings become enough for a new one, you'll constantly be growing your adpacks.. and therefore your advertising power and your cashflow. Some people refer to this as "compounding".   I like using that word because it is pretty powerful.

It doesn't matter how many adpacks you do this with, to start. It will work the same, no matter what.. only the MORE of them you have working on your behalf, the FASTER it grows!!

Once you get to a certain point - you can withdraw on a regular basis and still have it grow at the same time.

The smaller you start, the longer it will take before you get to the point where you can withdraw without depleting your "resources". Coming in BIG makes it super easy to build your business because you get much more advertising plus your dollars grow much more quickly.

Don't worry, though, about how much money you have or don't have. There is a way to work this business no matter what your financial situation. What you might lack in funds - you can MORE THAN make-up for in efforts!!

There is 1 surefire way to put yourself into a much higher gear. It would be like switching from 1st gear into 3rd then into 5th.. compared to staying in 1st gear revving-up your engine, wondering what is happening. But that's for another day.

Ok - the stage is set... for tomorrow, make sure you have your socks on ;-)

Curt Miller
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"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret to success" - Swami Sivananda

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