Subject: RevShare Referral Commissions: Compounding A Compound?

RevShare Referral Commissions: Compounding A Compound? 

Yeah Curt's back, I hope you're not tired of me yet!! Did you remember to wear your
socks? I have some exciting info for you..

Yesterday I teased you a bit by making you wait til today to get to this part.. but
this allowed me to create a brand new, separate email so that I can dedicate it to
referral commissions, alone.

There are 2 ways to earn in a revshare:

1.) Buy AdPacks and do your daily activities so that you'll remain qualified for
your cashback from the company, plus whatever else they throw on top of that. You'd then KEEP ON re-purchasing every time you have enough in your available balance for another AdPack!!

2.) Referral commissions. This is where the REAL money is. Regular adpack earnings
will move really slow compared to what you'd earn by referring others who are buying
THEIR OWN adpacks, inside of their accounts.

The typical referral commission offered by a revshare opportunity is 10% on the 1st
level. Some are more, some are less - but we'll just go with that number so that I
can show you an example.


Yesterday I showed you what happens when you buy an adpack and you eventually earn back all of it plus whatever else gets added. We used the 120% cashback.

Now - lets suppose that you sponsor Sue and your revshare is offering 10% referral
commissions. Being your referral, you'd get 10% of every adpack purchase that Sue
ever makes, for life.

This would mean that from one $10 adpack you'd earn $1 straight into your account. This commission can now either be withdrawn OR applied towards YOUR next adpack purchase. It is yours - to do with what you please!!

You see - without having ANY referrals you are just trading $10 for $12 in whatever amount of time it takes for that to happen. Each adpack gets closer to expiration as you get paid-out from it.

When you earn commissions from your referrals, these are "free-and-clear" profits. Do
you see the HUGE DIFFERENCE here? This is what LEVELS THE PLAYING FIELD for those that can't afford a whole bunch of adpacks.

Imagine if you were to sponsor somebody who comes in and buys 100 adpacks for $1000. You'd earn $100 straight-into your account!! Withdraw time?? Or time to buy more adpacks?? Your choice!

Not only that - but because they came in with $1000, they will be earning much more quickly, and therefore, able to make repurchases faster and faster, paying you every single time!!!

Because of this, I like to tell people to come in with as many adpacks as they can
comfortably afford, without putting any kind of a strain on the homestead. You see -
you DO want to have some good activity happening in your own account because it is
easier to share the opportunity if you are excited about it. Not to mention, you
know.. most people like to ask you how you are doing with it before they jump in.

The most successful "adpackers" that I see out there have the ability to show to
others that there is a lot of money and advertising that can be obtained. They BUILD-UP their accounts, knowing that people "usually do what their sponsor does" and
want to set a good example to follow.

So yeah - HUGE potential in affiliate/referral commissions. Plus, there is NO LIMIT
to the amount of people that you can personally sponsor, to get yourself that extra
10% (each adpack sale) from every single one of them!!

Some RevShares Pay Referral Commissions On Several Levels

Yes! It's true! The example I gave above was for a 1st level referral of yours. If
your person goes out and shares THEIR referral link with others, anybody who joins
with THEIR link would become a 2nd level referral for you. And it doesn't stop there.. let's look at something:

You -- somebody joins from your link -- 1st level referral
1st level referral  -- somebody joins from THEIR link --  2nd level referral
2nd level referral -- somebody joins from THEIR link --  3rd level referral
3rd level referral --  somebody joins from THEIR link --  4th level referral
4th level referral --  somebody joins from THEIR link --  5th level referral
5th level referral --  somebody joins from THEIR link --  6th level referral
6th level referral --  somebody joins from THEIR link --  7th level referral

Yes - I know of a revshare company that pays you on 7 levels, and you'll learn of that one. but I feel you need to be in FutureNet first

The reason for this? Well, it is simple. FutureNet has it's own revshare program, called FutureAdPro. which is currently my #1 revshare and shows no sign up letting-up. It pays on 5 level AND has a matrix, but that is for a different day.

Do you see where I came-up with the phrase "compounding a compound"? If a program has multiple levels, they are all trying to build-up their own adpack amounts and this means they need to keep re-purchasing. So the money works it way up towards you in such a fashion that will intensify, as time goes on!!

Wanna learn more? I'll be back with that info in the next email.. for now, be sure to join FutureAdPro now. If you are already registered into FutureNet, make sure you can access FutureAdPro from the inside

Here is how to get to FutureAdPro.  Go to your FutureNet board and look at left-hand column and you'll see where it says "Business" and just below that, there is a link that also says "business".. click that. Then choose FutureAdPro. If it doesn't take you directly in, you should be able to log-in with the same log-in info you use for FutureNet.
See ya!!

Curt Miller
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