Subject: The European Day of Parks: start preparing your activities!

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Climate Change and Protected Areas
The Climate is changing, bringing changes that affect the life of every being on earth. Nature was never so threatened – nor so needed – as before.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we crop, they all depend on the quality of our ecosystems. From the mountain tops to the deep seas, there is a huge variety of habitats protected by National, Nature, Regional, N2000, Marine or Periurban Parks. 

In Europe, nature has a level of protection thanks to the work of our Parks: they preserve our natural resources and are authentic hubs of biodiversity. They are our life support system.

This year, the European Day of Parks will celebrate:
  • how healthy parks are fundamental for the livelihoods of millions of European citizens
  • how Parks are changing too, finding ways to face the effects of climate change and to minimise its impacts;
  • how we plant, care, restore and promote genetic diversity;
  • how we are finding new ways to reduce our footprint;
  • how we are promoting sustainability in our local communities.

Invite your neighbours to better understand the effects of climate change and how this also affects the Park. Inspire them with your example and make a real call to action!

What is the European Day of Parks? 
Who can join?
The European Day of Parks is a commemorative day for Protected Areas, launched in 1999 by the EUROPARC Federation, to celebrate Protected Areas throughout Europe. 
The 24th May was the day of the creation of the 1st National Park in  Europe, in Sweden, 1909.
National, Nature, Regional, Periurban Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Protected Landscapes and Natura 2000 sites: all Protected Areas are invitited to join the celebration, by organising an activity within their local community.

The European Day of Parks (EDoP) is celebrated on the 24th of May, and every year hundreds of activities are organised on and around the 24th May.

Organise your activities!
We have created guidelines and tools to better help you organising your activities! 
After that, register all your activities on EUROPARC website.
Guidelines for Parks
Check the activities and resources we gathered for you! 
There are 3 main topics for organising your activities: Showcase, Inspire and Promote the Change. In each topic you will find practical suggestions and many multimedia resources.
We have made communication tools in more than 20 European languages! 
Surely, some languages are still missing... But if you would like to have communication tools in your language just send us an email to
Will take you 5 minutes to do it! It is very important for us to have an overview of all activities celebrating the European Day of Parks 2017. Even if you don't feel inspired by our suggestions, organise a different event and register it anyway. All activities are good to celebrate this special day!
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