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Hi Friend, Welcome to edition #28 - August 2017
Welcome to edition #28 of our newsletter! This month we have some great marketing and selling tips, and another good Excel spreadsheet tool for you. Also we share a special offer with you our valued subscriber, see below for the details!
Get to know your competitors
Acquiring knowledge about your competitors is another important step towards developing your complete product knowledge. When we have knowledge of our competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, we are better able to emphasise the benefits that we offer, and the value that we add to the prospect's business read more...
Developing your competitive advantage
Part of critiquing your competitors is to understand how exactly you are differentiated from them. If the products and services we sell are exactly the same as the competitors, and we market them in exactly the same way, then the only differentiator we have is price. This is dangerous ground, particularly if our competitors are bigger and more resourceful than us read more...
How to understand your prospects communication style
There are many studies and theories on communication styles and behavioural styles, one area that we use is widely known as the VAK learning style; this uses the main sensory receivers, namely: (1) Visual (sight), (2) Auditory (sound), and (3) Kinesthetic (touch) These are called learning styles because studies over many years have indicated that we learn and communicate by utilising one or more of these styles read on...
Inventory Checker (this weeks free gift)
A quick excel tool to help you establish how much stock you are currently holding is terms of weeks, download here from our secure website.
Special offer - The Business Plan Survival Guide
This guide to developing a business and marketing plan is sold usually for $29.99 but right now its on offer to you at an introductory price of $12 which is equal to 60% off the normal price!. There are tons of resources that you get with this guide, these resources will be invaluable to your business even if you are not developing a business plan! Check these out for yourself HERE
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