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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I would like to take a quick moment to wish all my subscribers, advertisers, sponsors and everyone else visits the site a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. My wish for all at this time, is a year of happiness, peace and joy, good health and much higher gold prices in 2019.

Well if there ever was year to be happy about seeing coming to an end in regards to junior mining stocks, 2018 would be that year. In all the years I've been following the juniors I have never seen such a dismal year. It didn't even matter what the commodity was the companies were after, the investor interest just wasn't there and it showed. All you have to do is look at virtually any mining stock chart for the year and you could assume that 80% or more are at 52 week lows.

It's not just the stocks either. Both gold and silver have been in the toilet for most of the year. Gold being down 2% YTD and silver down 9%. The only exception in the precious metals is palladium which is up a tidy 24% YTD. Last year cobalt and lithium stocks were where the money was, but if you were still holding this year you would be out the money and more. Lithium prices have dropped 21% YTD and cobalt is down 23%. One base metal that is shining though this year is molybdenum which is up almost 60% YTD.

2017 was the year to make good money in the golden triangle plays. Companies like GT Gold GTT, Garibaldi GGI and Metallis MTS last year were stock market darlings where stock price prices rallied anywhere from 200% up to about 800%. Of course this year a lot of investors, myself included were thinking a repeat of the last years performance. Sadly it just didn't happen. Aside from a short doubling of the stock for Aben Resources ABN the only player in the triangle that did get a nice boost from results was GT Gold GTT. Early October drill results showed 430 Metres of 0.67 g/t Au, 0.41% Cu, 0.89 g/t Ag (1.3 g/t AuEq1) Within 822 Metres of 0.42 g/t Au, 0.26% Cu, 0.62 g/t Ag in Hole TTD085. But one look at the chart below shows all to well what happens when the next set of assays don't meet investors expectations.
Going across the country over to Newfoundland, Sokoman Iron SIC made big news when it was confirmed that the company had hit high grade gold at it's Moosehead property. The Company s first hole, MH-18-01, intersected a mineralized zone that has returned the following summarized assays: from 109.00 m - 120.90 m (11.90 m @ 44.96 g/t Au). These results of course got the interest of ..... [continue]

We've been following Guyana Goldstrike TSX-V:GYA for well over a year now and for a lot of good reasons. It's not only the company we tend to follow but also the country of Guyana itself and what's happening with some of the other juniors that are in the country. Reason being, what's happens to one company can effect another. But getting back to Guyana Goldstrike, it's one of the few juniors that has been able to raise capital this year and have an active on going exploration program. Before we get into any details of what the company plans to do in the coming year, we'll take a quick look back at what the company has accomplished in 2018 and we might be able to project where the company will be in in 2019.

For starters, for those who are unfamiliar with Guyana Goldstrike, the company is exploring an area called Marudi in the South American country of Guyana. This property had been explored by various other juniors over the years but CEO Peter Berdusco and senior geologist Locke Goldsmith have taken different approach to exploring this property by methodically sampling and trenching the areas of interest. Using existing data from previous explorers and then expanding on those results the company has been able to define these areas of interest. A person only has to look at the 2018 year of news releases to see the vast amount of work along with the results that have been accomplished to date. Almost every two weeks there was an updated news release of sampling, trenching or assays.
Some of the news started hitting the wires as early as January 2018. One of the first news releases was January 23 when the company announced an indicated 259,100 gold ounces within 4,428,000 tonnes grading1.80 grams/tonne (g/t) and an inferred resource of 86,200 gold ounces within 1,653,000 tonnes grading 1.60 grams/tonne (g/t). It was because of news like this that on February 27 the company released news stating that ..[NEXT]

Barrick Gold is interested in early-stage exploration in South America’s Guyana Shield. Barrick has a 15-percent stake in Reunion Gold, an exploration company active in the Guyana Shield. Could we see Barrick show interest in Guyana Goldstike?
The year of 2018 saw well over 100 properties list for sale and surprisingly about 40% of those properties have sold. If you're looking at selling your mining properties in 2019, just email us at with the information. Our ads still cost the same as always at $50.00 per ad with no time limits. 

Turn key placer gold mine operation. Owner willing to sell claims and equipment separately, all together, or a selective combination thereof.

10 claims partially mined, the rest virgin, water licence expires December 2025.

Browns Creek, Mickey Creek, Fortymile River
West Dawson (Tandem) & Calder Creek

80 km from Dawson City Yukon, Browns Creek is located in the Forty Mile River watershed, entering the Forty Mile River from the south. Its headwaters are bordered by the Top of the World Highway which runs along the ridge separating the Sixty Mile River and Forty Mile River watersheds.

Carpenter Creek claim is a placer gold property located on the lower Carpenter Bar (terrace) in Carpenter Gulch. The mine is a noted producer of gold in native form. An established placer camp complete with cabin, workshops and an outhouse are present on the property. Carpenter Bar was noted as one of the richest producers in the Ophir District. Nuggets from the bar have ranged from a fraction of an ounce to over 10lbs.

Price Group is a collection of placer and lode workings in the well established Ophir Mining District in Powell County, Montana. The area is known for rich, native gold placer deposits along with some very substantial lode mining developments. The Ophir District is credited with producing $21,850,000.00 in placer gold prior to 1933. Since this time, work has been sporadic and unreported.

The region is remote and rugged. The property is literally a turn-key operation as it sits with all equipment in place and in working condition. The property has not seen use for the past 3 years due to family issues of the prior owner.

51 Claims fully permitted for the next 10 years for sale south of Dawson City on Bismark creek (Montana Creek - Indian River) with another 4 miles prospecting lease that will give you 40 more claims for a total of 91 claims

Two (2) turn key operations. Drill reports from YCGC and independent driller are supplied.

Both operations have prepared ground for the 2019 season. 

It was in 1880 that two prosepctors, Joseph Juneau and Richard Harris were prospecting out in an area known as the silver bowl basin. There they happened to come across a nice find of gold. The silver bowl basin isn't too far out from Juneau Alaska. Of course news about a gold strike got out and the next thing you know there is a whole bunch of other prospectors and miners in the area looking for gold. One of these prospectors was a man named John Treadwell who had a bit of money and bought a lode claim on Douglas Island.

John Treadwell did a bit of sampling on this claim of his and the ended up buying 2 more claims that were next to the one he already had. He continued to ..[continue]

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