Subject: Hey Friend -- Stock Up on Mysteries & Get a Preview of My Next Novel
Victors may get to write history, but novelists get to write/right reality.
Hi Friend --
"Leftovers are for quitters," is the last coherent thought I can recall having before slipping into a tryptophan-induced coma after consuming mass quantities yesterday.  I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as bountiful as mine.

A bit early with the newsletter for a couple of reasons.  First, a reminder that I will be scribbling away in the Appletree Books display window November 26 & 27 from 10am to 12pm as part of their NaNoWriMo celebration. (See article below)

Second, if you return empty handed from the rugby scrum known as "Black Friday" there is still a chance to snag some merch in the Authors XP Mystery Giveaway--including my latest release, Murder by Munchausen #3:  The Invisible Mind.

I'll be back at at you again next year. Until then, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and ¡Hasta la vista!  2018. 
So it goes…

Since I signed up to commit literature in public, I figured folks might be curious about what in the heck I'm scribbling away at in the Appletree Books display window. So, I've uploaded a sneak preview of my next novel, Article 15 to my website.

I'm about a third of the way done with the first draft with the aim of releasing it in the fall of 2019.  I'm having a blast with the characters, ex-Navy SEAL Griffith Crowe and uber rich femme fatale Helena Nicholson--especially since the story is set in the here and now (for a change).

If you're in the neighborhood Monday or Tuesday, stop on by and say hi:
12419 Cedar Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

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“People who believe in world peace must be orphans.”
~M.T. Bass

Thanks to all for the kind outpouring of support for my sister and the release of her new novel.  It meant the world to her.

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