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Michael Strogoff (1956)
Starring Curd Jurgens and Genevieve Page

Beautiful print with English subtitles and will play in all DVD players.
In 19th century Russia a Tartar rebellion led by Feofar Khan separates mainland Russia from the Russian far east.The Tsar's brother isolated and surrounded in Siberia is making a last stand with his troops.The Tsar entrusts Captain Michel Strogoff to deliver a vital message to his brother in Siberia.
Director: Carmine Gallone
Writers: Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon (dialogue), Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon (screenplay)

Stars: Curd Jürgens, Geneviève Page, Jacques Dacqmine, Sylva Koscina, Gerard Buhr, Louis Arbessier, Fernand Fabre
The film is based on the 1876 novel Michel Strogoff written by French author Jules Verne.
Although Verne's famous novel has been filmed many many times, this one was number one at the 1956 French box office; it was so commercially successful that a sequel was made afterward.
Order this rarely-seen and hard-to-find classic today for the low price of $5.99.
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Anita Ragusa, the daughter of a costume company owner, delivers a dress for a costume ball at the last minute. The snobbish customer doesn't like the design at first, but agrees to let Anita model it for her to decide whether to keep it. Charlie, a drunk partygoer, sees Anita in the dress and invites her to attend the festivities. She reluctantly agrees and sings for the other guests.
A Night At The Ritz (1935)

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There's nary a serious moment in the loopy programmer A Night at the Ritz. William Gargan stars as Duke Regan, a hot-shot hotel publicity agent. Fired from several jobs, Duke is given one last chance by the Ritz-Carlton. Improvising quickly, he promotes his future brother-in-law Leopold (Erik Rhodes) as a master chef, landing the hapless fellow a choice spot in the Ritz kitchen. But there's a hitch: Not only has Leopold never cooked anything in his life, but the mere mention of food makes him extremely nauseous. As Duke desperately seeks a way out of the web he's woven around himself, a banker's convention shows up at the Ritz, and they're as hungry as hunters. This is one of the few pictures of the 1930s in which a mother-in-law (Bodil Rosing) comes to the rescue.
A Night In Casablanca (1946)

Stars: Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx

After a five-year absence, the Marx Brothers returned to the screen in the independently-produced effort A Night in Casablanca. Originally conceived as a parody of Casablanca (with character names like "Humphrey Bogus" and "Lowen Behold"), the film emerged as a spoof of wartime melodramas in general. Someone has been methodically murdering the managers of the Hotel Casablanca, and that someone is escaped Nazi war criminal Heinrich Stubel (Sig Ruman). Disguised as a Count Pfefferman, Stubel intends to reclaim the stolen art treasures that he's hidden in a secret room somewhere in the hotel, and the only way he can do this undetected is by bumping off the managers and taking over the hotel himself. The newest manager of Hotel Casablanca is former motel proprietor Ronald Kornblow (Groucho Marx), who, blissfully unaware that he's been hired only because no one else will take the job, immediately takes charge in his own inimitably inept fashion. Corbacchio (Chico Marx), owner of the Yellow Camel company, appoints himself as Kornblow's bodyguard, aided and abetted by Stubel's mute valet Rusty (Harpo Marx). In his efforts to kill Kornblow, Stubel dispatches femme fatale Beatrice Reiner (Lisette Verea) to romance the lecherous manager, leading to a hilarious recreation of a key comedy sequence in the Marxes' earlier A Day at the Races. Arrested on a trumped-up charge, Kornblow, Corbacchio and Rusty escape in time to foil Stubel and his stooges. As in most Marx Brothers epics, A Night in Casablanca includes a tiresome romantic subplot, this time involving disgraced French flyer (Pierre) and his faithful sweetheart Annette (Lois Collier). Though hampered by listless direction and witless one-liners, A Night in Casablanca contains enough hilarity to compensate for its many flaws; some of the best visual gags were conceived by an uncredited Frank Tashlin, including Harpo's legendary "holding up the building" bit.
A Night Of Adventure (1944)

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In this drama, a remake of Hat, Coat and Glove (1934), a hard working attorney is upset when he learns that his long-suffering, neglected wife is having an affair with an accused murderer. This does not prevent the highly principled lawyer from representing the man and his wife in court. Not only does he get them acquitted, he also manages to keep the whole mess out of the newspaper.
Tony Curtis

Victor Mature

William Holden

Keir Dullea

Burt Lancaster

Margaret Field

John Payne

Carolyn Jones

Cary Grant

Yvonne DeCarlo

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