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The Show Goes On (1937)
Starring Gracie Fields and Owen Nares

Beautiful print and will play in all DVD players.
The rise of British entertainer Gracie Fields from humble mill girl to the most popular and highest paid performer in Great Britain during the Depression era is chronicled in this biographical drama. Fields got her big break when a composer heard her singing in a ramshackle pub.
Director: Basil Dean
Writers: Basil Dean, Anthony Kimmins, Austin Melford

Stars: Gracie Fields, Owen Nares, John Stuart, Horace Hodges, Edward Rigby, Amy Veness, Arthur Sinclair, Cyril Ritchard, Jack Hobbs, Dennis Arundell, Billy Merson, Frederick Leister, Patrick Barr, Nina Vanna, Tom Payne
Songs include:

A Song in Your Heart
Written by Harry Parr Davies and Eddie Pola

Smile When You Say Goodbye
Written by Harry Parr Davies

We're All Good Pals Together
Written by Harry Parr Davies, William Haines and Jimmy Harper

My Love For You
Written by Harry Parr Davies and Eddie Pola

Little Lancashire Town
Written by William Haines and Jimmy Harper

I Never Cried So Much In All My Life
Written by Harry Castling, William Haines and Jimmy Harper

Success Cockalorum
Written by Harry Parr Davies

The Show Goes On
Written by Harry Parr Davies

This film is rather different from the earlier films made for ATP in Ealing. Most of the previous films concentrated on her Lancashire background and how the industries were badly affected by the Depression. Whilst we have that at the beginning of this film we then see an older man take control of her career to launch her on to greater heights and that more or less is what happened with Gracie and her first husband who managed her career. This film tries to make Gracie into a sort of British Alice Faye. The finale number is a Busby Berkley type number.
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