Subject: Newsletter August 2019

August  2019
Message from the President

The SAOA EXCO has completed 2 days of intense activity as part of the scheduled July EXCO meeting programme.

The meeting formulated concise position statements of the SAOA EXCO on matters relevant to Orthopaedic practice; and these are printed in this Newsletter and will be available on the SAOA Website. In addition to addressing the affairs of the SAOA an extended and successful meeting was concluded with the Subspecialty groups.
Position Statements of the  EXCO of the SAOA
The EXCO of the SAOA issues the following position statements as of the 1st August 2019.

Several issues have been raised in the last 2 months and these have been ratified at the EXCO meeting in July 2019.

SAOA Registry

The SAOA executive committee has noted the global trend towards hosting registries to enable accurate data collection, secure storage, and allow for meaningful data analysis.

At the same time, it is evident that decisions are being made at Government, Funder and Hospital levels based on data analytics we play no role in.

In addition, the SAOA executive is cognitive of the criticism levelled by the HMI, that medical bodies are not regulating themselves.

Message from the Treasurer
It is brought to the attention of members that there will be a proposal to increase annual subscriptions for 2020 at the September 2019 AGM.

The motivation for such an increase has been set out in the Message from the President in this newsletter.
The Use of Code 0465
There have been numerous enquiries related to the use of code 0465 of late, and there seems to be some confusion with its use, both by the funders and Members. 
Forensic Audit Review Advice
Recently you may have received a claims review analysis from a medical funder alleging that you have engaged in fraudulent, irregular or inappropriate coding (billing). 

The SAOA acknowledges and understands that our first response would be that of anger at any party that would cast aspersions on our integrity. This document was constructed without consideration of particular emotional aspects of this event/ interaction, but rather the factual and procedural bases of these audits. The SAOA remains available to discuss your particular audit in detail and provide advice and support as you may need.
Robert Dunn Elected as the Next 2nd Vice-President of the SAOA
It is with great pleasure that we announce that Professor Robert Dunn elected as the next 2nd Vice-President of the South African Orthopaedic Association.

He joins the Presidential line of the SAOA from September 2019. He will serve as the President of the SAOA from September 2021 to August 2022; during which time he will lead the SAOA delegation to the Combined World Congress which will be hosted by the AAOS.
Proposal: SAOA Constitution Amendment
SAOA members are reminded that at the September 2019 AGM an amendment to the Constitution will be proposed.


The SAOA EXCO proposes that Sections 3, 5 and 6 of the Constitution of the South African Orthopaedic Association be amended and updated to read as below. 

Such amendments are proposed to the Annual General Meeting of the SAOA in September 2019 in terms of Section 15 of the constitution of the SAOA. 

A copy of the existing constitution of the SAOA may be obtained on request from the secretariat at
Etienne Pierre Hugo
It is with great sadness that I have to inform our members that Etienne Pierre Hugo passed away on 25 July this year.

He suffered ill health for the last couple of years with decreased mobility due to a stroke. His mind however remained razor sharp till the end.

Etienne was a living legend in the Orthopaedic, spinal rehabilitation, sports medicine fraternities as well as in Northern Transvaal, now Blue Bulls rugby union and will be sorely missed by all.
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