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365 Nights In Hollywood (1934)
Starring James Dunn and Alice Faye

Beautiful print and will play in all DVD players.
A midwestern girl heads for Hollywood in hopes of becoming a star. She is accompanied by two good buddies and this comedy chronicles their adventures in Tinseltown. It all begins when the new arrivals enroll in a bogus acting school run by two con artists. A wealthy entrepreneur shows up looking to invest his money. One of the greedy grifters persuades him into financing a film starring the new girl from Peoria, but he gives one condition to the businessman: if the film fails, the conman gets to keep the money. To insure failure, the fellow hires a washed up boozer of a director. The director takes the job seriously and wants to prove that he is not a has-been. This doesn't set well with the "producer" who has his partner take the starlet to a remote cabin and leave her stranded after he gets drunk and passes out. By this time, the director has fallen in love with the girl. Meanwhile, her buddies have found that they'd rather go home and resume their old jobs. The director begins looking for the girl so he can save her and his career. Her buddies hear of her predicament and they too rush to her rescue. It is they who return her safe and sound to the studio. The director makes his film and it is a smash hit. The girl becomes a star and the con-men go to jail.
Director: George Marshall
Writers: William M. Conselman, Henry Johnson, Jimmy Starr

Stars: James Dunn, Alice Faye, Frank Mitchell, Jack Durant, John Bradford, Grant Mitchell, Frank Melton, John Qualen
Songs include:

Give Him Love
Music by Richard A. Whiting
Lyrics by Sidney Clare
Sung by Alice Faye (imitating Jean Harlow)

(I'd Like to Say) Yes to You
Music by Richard A. Whiting
Lyrics by Sidney Clare
Sung by Alice Faye and John Bradford

My Future Star
Music by Richard A. Whiting
Lyrics by Sidney Clare
Sung by Alice Faye and James Dunn

Where The Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day)
Music and lyrics by Roy Turk and Fred E. Ahlert
Additional lyrics by Bing Crosby
Sung by Jack Durant imitating Bing Crosby

The film was made before Faye had proven herself to be more than just another Jean Harlow knock-off. After Harlow's death, she was allowed to be more than just a pretty face, and was able to show her own personality.
This a quite an enjoyable early Faye effort. At 19, she's quite the trouper and gives a convincing, compelling performance. The big production number of "Yes, To You" is a real show-stopper and I think this is one of Faye's best songs. She gives a playful, comic touch to her impersonations of a Dutch girl, French Chanteuse, and exotic Asian doll. The plot is pure make-believe and everyone seems to be having fun with it.
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Applause (1929)

Stars: Helen Morgan, Joan Peers, Fuller Mellish Jr.

Stage director Rouben Mamoulian jolted the (at the time) moribund sound-film industry with innovative sound experiments and revolutionary camera techniques with his electrifying feature-film debut Applause. In this backstage musical tragedy, Kitty Darling (Helen Morgan), a big-time burlesque star, sends her young daughter to a convent to get her away from the sleazy burlesque environment. Years later, Kitty has hit the skids, her best days behind her. Now an alcoholic living in the past, she has taken up with a low-life burlesque comic by the name of Hitch (Fuller Mellish Jr.). But then her now-grown daughter, April (Joan Peers) returns. Kitty, embarrassed by her condition, marries Hitch so that April won't be ashamed of her. Nevertheless, when April arrives, she is disgusted with her mother and her decrepit life. Shocked and lonely, April roams the city streets and meets an equally lonely young man --Tony (Henry Wadsworth). They fall in love and agree to marry. When April goes to tell her mother about their final plans for the wedding, she overhears Hitch belittling Kitty, calling her a has-been. Infuriated, April calls off the wedding, joining the chorus line of a burlesque show, and Kitty, thinking that April is going to be married, is deeply despaired. 

James Garner

Burt Lancaster

Alan Ladd

Zsa Zsa Gabor

John Payne

Joan Blondell

Robert Stack

Barry Coe

Dennis Hopper

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