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Founded in 1972 by Roy Eugene Davis

Welcome to the August edition of the Center for Spiritual Awareness email newsletter including inspiration from Roy Eugene Davis and news about CSA ministry activities.

An Enlivening Power is Nurturing the Universe and We Can Learn to Cooperate With It.
--  Roy Eugene Davis


Kriya yoga practice is not for the superficially interested person who is merely curious; emotionally immature; inclined to indulge in fantasy; or addicted to mental attitudes, moods, or habitual behaviors which perpetuate illusions and delusions.

 Illusions are inaccurate or mistaken perceptions of words, ideas, feelings, things, or circumstances. Illusions which are believed to be true are delusions.

It should be clearly understood that, for optimum benefits to be experienced by study and practice of these principles, one must be disciplined in the practical application of what is learned, and fully committed to the nurturing and actualization of authentic spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is authentic or real when the effects of its transformative influences are evident in our lives. The results of attentive study and diligent, right practice are:

• Enhanced intellectual and intuitive powers.
• Psychological transformation.
• Improved functional abilities.
• Orderly unfoldments of innate knowledge.
• Mental illumination.
• Progressive clarification of awareness.
• Spontaneous emergence of cosmic conscious states.
• Self-realization.
• God-realization.
• Liberation of soul awareness.

The novice kriya yoga student should first become familiar with the philosophical concepts and the lifestyle regimens (and their purposes) upon which practice is based. Knowledge of beginning, intermediate, and advanced meditation practices and routines should then be acquired. It should be understood that although knowledge and practice of meditation methods is important, everything that is done to nurture total well-being and to live effectively is of equal importance. At each stage of progressive awakening to authentic Self- and God-knowledge, the devotee’s new state of awareness must be harmoniously integrated with the mind, personality, and body. This process is most effectively accomplished by appropriate, conscious living.

As skillful living becomes spontaneous, and proficiency in meditation practice improves, a sequential series of advanced meditation techniques can be learned. When these have been effectively practiced for a period of time and one is fully prepared, initiation, and instruction in more intensive meditation practices may be requested.

– Roy Eugene Davis, 
Seven Lessons in Conscious Living
Lesson One
Website Updates
New audio files of informal talks by Mr. Davis have been added under the "Free Online to View or Download" menu. Thanks to Leode Franklin for assistance in making these possible.

Listings for CSA Representatives and International CSA Representatives 
has been updated. You will now find photos and details about current and future classes, seminars, and retreats. Thanks to Pascale Chambers for assisting in this update.
September 7-14 CSA Retreat
CSA Ministers Marty Wuttke, Furio Sclano, and Ryan Strong will be offering teachings and workshops during this week. Ryan Strong will conduct two workshops on Ayurveda.
July Private Retreats  
The July morning programs were led by Senior Minister Ron Lindahn.
CSA Minister Jack Johnston offered a workshop, and Kathleen Rehling led QiGong sessions in the afternoon and showed videos of Mr. Davis.
Winter Webinars
Beginning in November we will be offering a one hour online webinar on the first Sunday of each month through March 2020. This will be available to everyone free of charge. Watch for details in the October email newsletter.
New Generator
A power generator has been installed to run our deep well water pump. This is to insure that the CSA facilities will not be out of water when there are occasional power outages caused by storms and falling trees. In the past we have had people staying in our guest houses while attending retreats when the power has gone out. 

A propane tank was installed to supply the generator with the capacity to provide power for several days.
Well Pump
While installing the new generator we learned that our current deep well water pump was quite old and greatly overpowered. A new, more cost effective pump was installed along with the generator.
Teacher Training Class
During the July retreats we continued to offer the Teacher Training program. Participants included current CSA ministers and representatives along with some who aspire to start a meditation or study group. 
Your generous donations make possible our continuing ministry outreach, retreats, seminars, and maintenance of the grounds and accommodations at the International CSA Headquarters in Lakemont.
CSA staff and personally trained ministers continue with Roy Eugene Davis' mission to bring a clear, direct, message of how to live easily and effectively in order to fully awaken to Self- and God-Realization while enjoying a prosperous, fulfilling, meaningful life.
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