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vol.10 2019.2 February

In this February issue, the arrival of new products that will awaken your emotions, such as stickers of ferns, Margaret and forget-me-nots, the best products of Appree, various ways of enjoying flowers in everyday life, Mapo Lifelong Education Center sponsorship and updates from the 44th and 45th Appree Authors can be found. Currently Appree’s newsletter is being renewed. We are going to send out a small gift to those who send us good feedbacks on our newsletter renewal. So, if you have anything to say for our renewal please feel free to do so.

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01 New product news
01. We introduce "Press Flower Sticker_Bracken".

It is a Bracken press sticker that is made by pressing its flowers and leaves. This is a pressed-flower type fern sticker made by pressing flowers and leaves. The flower fern means 'achievement.' As it is widespread throughout the world, it can be found in everywhere except too cold places like the Antarctica or too hot places like deserts. The fresh sprouts of fern have the familiar brown wavy pattern. It might be a bit strange but meet our ferns in the form of pressed flower which looks like it will accomplish something as the flower means. Don’t you feel like you will accomplish anything with the pressed fern stickers?

02. We introduce "Press Flower Sticker_Margaret"

It is a Margaret press sticker that is made by pressing its flowers and leaves. 
The meaning of a Margaret flower is 'true love hidden in the heart, freedom and prophecy.’ As a familiar flower which can be easily found on the roadside in warm spring days, It receives much love with its pure and favorable image like small children. Feel the warm spring days with Appree’s Margaret Pressed Flower Sticker till the weather gets really warm.

03We introduce "Press Flower Sticker_Forget me not"

This is a pressed-flower type forget-me-not sticker made by pressing flowers and leaves. A forget-me-not means ‘Don’t forget me.’ It’s originated from Europe and has long oval-shaped leaves on the stem without a petiole. The name ‘mulmangcho’ is originated from the English name of ‘forget me not’. According to a legend from Germany, a young man swam to an island in the middle of Donau River to give his girlfriend this flower but he was caught in a torrent on his way back. He went missing after throwing this flower he had in his hand and saying that “You should not forget me.” That’s how the meaning of this flower became ‘forget me not.’ The origin of the name ‘forget-me-not’ makes the flower even more beautiful.

02 Appree's best product
We’d like to introduce Appree’s best products that have received so much love from our customers since December of last year.

01. Press Flower Sticker_Gypsophila, Eucalyptus

Many have showed distinguishable interest in these products compared to other products of Appree. Our new pressed flower sticker products of ferns, Margaret and forget-me-nots have received enthusiastic responses since the release. Our pressed flower stickers which can be used in various ways, such as decorating schedule books, seem to be steadily loved by many.

02. Sticky Leaf_Camellia

Camellias we introduced in our last newsletter was the second-best seller. Camellia is a beautiful flower that blooms alone in the cold winter when all other flowers are gone. Most of them bloom in islands, and they are said to be most found in the northern part of Seocheon in Chungcheongnam-do for the case of land. Do people find Appree’s products even more interesting because of the rarity of winter flowers?? Also, the meaning of flower 'I love you more than anyone' seems to move the hearts of many people.

03. Sticky Leaf_Cherry blossom

The cherry blossom product is a product receiving steady love from many people. It seems that the love for cherry blossoms is getting more and more bigger with customers who are anxiously waiting for the warm spring to come after the onset of spring. Size S and L show the most sales. The sales volume of cherry blossoms will increase sharply from now until May according to the previous sales trends. Don’t you want to feel the beauty of cherry blossom before the actual season for cheery blossom comes?

04. Sticky Leaf_Tracing Snow flower

Isn’t the first thing people think of winter the snow? I think there are many of you who think the same as I do. Transparent snow flakes are especially popular during winter. The strange fact is that transparent snow flakes are loved by many in spring and summer. Maybe, when the weather gets warmer, the cool ones become more attractive. Along with the transparent snow flakes, transparent cherry blossoms are receiving a lot of love. Express your feelings with our transparent products. 

03 How to enjoy flowers in your everyday life
There are various ways of enjoying flowers in your everyday life. We will introduce about it in more details in our February issue.

04 Domestic support news
Appree offers sponsorships to a variety of events and exhibits for our products.

This program started with the hope of spreading our minds to everywhere and many are using it. Appree is striving to brighten up your events with our sponsorship kit, including Sticky Leaf. It can be utilized in various ways suitable for various situations, and we also provide tips on how to look more beautiful for successful hosting of your event.

In fact, Appree is planning for a collaboration for our sponsorship program to make your idea more widely known. We are also contemplating to find ways to sponsor your talents and products at the same time. If you are interested, please feel free to send an email to boeun@appree.net. We will always be with your idea of making the world even more beautiful and warm.

01. Forest of Daon

On February 1, Appree’s products accompanies the opening of multi-purpose space "Forest of Daon" in the Mapo Lifelong Learning Center. Appree’s cherry blossom and birch leaf match so well with the word forest, don’t they? This event was supposed to be a one-day event but because so many people showed their love to the event, it will be continued for at least a month. Also, they asked for a sponsorship for the Seoul City Lifelong Learning Center Exhibition which will be held in September. We are so happy just looking at it as we feel that Appree’s desire to bring people close to the nature was made known to many. Appree hopes that your life becomes one step closer to the nature. How beautiful the world will be! 

We sponsored following events with Appree’s sponsorship program. 

- December Dangu Elementary School Praise Relay for Prevention of School Violence [Friends than Flowers] 
- January 21 Division Executive Healing Program
- January AIESEC W.NLDC (AISEC Winter Leadership Conference)

We will always wait to meet those of you who need Appree’s sponsorship program or want to provide sponsorship with Appree. 
05 Cooperation project news
Appree shares various experiences of the users.  

As one of such, Appree Authors is a collaborative program made together with Appree’s products and creations of calligraphy artists. Various creations can be found at the Appree Authors’ Instragram account (@appree_artist).

01. 44th Appree writers

In December, We could complete wonderful works with Press flower stickers_Tracing Snow flower. We introduce the 3 winners among 10 works.

02. 45th Appree writers

In January, We could complete wonderful works with Press flower stickers_Tracing Birch. We introduce the 3 winners among 10 works.

03. 46th Appree writers
For the ongoing 46th Appree Authors, decorating schedule books rather than previous calligraphy creation is being promoted. Please come and show your love for February Appree Authors accompanying new pressed flower sticker products. Please click on the link below to see more entries and winners.

06 Newsletter renewal
Appree’s Newsletter is currently being renewed.

The newsletter which was started to communicate with more subscribers seems to be too formal and delivering one-way information only. That’s why we want to hear from you to reflect your opinions and move to a positive direction. Please feel free to write us to boeun@appree.net if you have anything you want Appree Newsletter to cover. We will send Appree’s products to those who send us good ideas. Also, if you have any products you are interested or samples you want to pre-check before selling, please let us know. 

In order to follow the principle of learning from the nature, Appree’s family always puts the greatest effort. Please always be with us for the future of Appree that will develop further.
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