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7 Qualities of Mercy
Week 2: The Merciful Heart Is a Humble Heart 
Day 1: Introduction by Sister Mary Lea Hill, FSP

One might wonder why humility isn’t among the works of mercy—if not the corporal at least among the spiritual works. Perhaps it’s because humility is not an activity, but an attitude. It’s a quality of who we are. God’s nature is mercy, ours is humility. We could say humility is the human response to God’s mercy. Jesus, the Son of God, put aside his divine rights to become one of us. This humility characterized his entire earthly life from birth to death on a cross. It also causes him to remain hidden within the Holy Eucharist. And so humility is the attitude by which we become Christ-like in our works of mercy. 

In Jesus we see the intimate connection between humility and mercy.

We automatically think of humility as degrading. We equate it with weakness, with bowing and scraping, and with being taken for granted. Because of this misunderstanding we need to look at Jesus who defined himself as “meek and humble of heart.” Without his example, we would never be able to fathom the value of humility. But, in Jesus we see the intimate connection between humility and mercy. As disciples of Jesus we find in humility the sure way to mercy. Not only does our humility gain for us God’s mercy, but our humility leads us to bestow mercy. Because God in Jesus Christ humbled himself to extend mercy toward you and me, I can humble my self-esteem, my well-earned reputation, my social position, my prejudices, my better judgment, my dislikes, even my fear in order to offer acts, thoughts, opinions, and interventions of mercy. I am not God, but just one of the many who need divine mercy. So I can praise my God by imitating him and bestowing mercy as mindfully, as purposefully, as generously to others as God has done to me.
Take a few moments to bring your thoughts or insights  from this reflection to prayer.
Ask God for the grace to live what you have reflected on. Close your prayer time with the prayer below.
You may wish to carry this prayer through your day. 

7 Qualities of Mercy 
is a seven week Do-It-With-Us retreat to help you become a more merciful you.

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