Subject: Ok.. It is FINALLY time to show you something..

Ok.. It is FINALLY time to show you something.. 

A while back, you subscribed to my "Kick Your Job" series and all you've seen me do is everything EXCEPT tell you about any particular business opportunity.

Since this is the 10th email.. I fell I should probably let you in on something. After all, the idea of this entire thing is to bring the FREEDOM into your life that you are so desperately longing for... correct?? 

Do you remember in the last email - I told you that I only work with things that have mass appeal? 

Here are a few of these MASS APPEAL products/services:

1.) Social Networking 
2.) Online Shopping
3.) Telephone / Cell Phone Service
4.) Travel
5.) Energy )Gas / Electricity) 

Actually, there is a very long list that I didn't mention here.. and tomorrow I want to show you something that fits into several of them.

1 out of 6 people on this planet hang-out on FaceBook. Heck, you might even have your browser opened-up to FB right now as you are reading this.

But did you realize that - even though it is FREE for you to hang out on that website - that they are making a lot of money BECAUSE OF YOU? Did you also know that they make all of their money by selling your data to anybody who will pay for it?

Yes, it is true. And tomorrow you'll learn that there is something that you could do to be putting those dollars into YOUR pocket while protecting your data!!!

Keep Smilin' :-) 
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